Floyd Mayweather, Jr. May See End to Boxing Career

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. May See End to Boxing Career


Floyd Mayweather Jr. may see an end to his boxing career, as it has now been suggested that he retire. While his biggest fight is coming up, when he finally gets to be in the ring with Manny Pacquiao, winning would mean making 48 victories in 48 matches. With a current 47-0 record, winning the match against Pacquiao will be absolutely essential for Mayweather to achieve his goals, but win or lose, will it all be over for the legendary boxer?

Though history shows that Mayweather’s support network is not yet ready to let him out of the game, it may be a decision that Mayweather will make. With the recent spotlight on his violence against women, causing problems for him, has shown that fans and supporters would rather see him in the game, due to the fact that they have in no way penalized him, as those against Mayweather suggest. Stating that other athletes have been penalized for violent acts towards others, even when away from the camera, domestic violence activists and citizens appalled at Mayweather’s crimes have suggested that he be penalized at least for a while, if not taken out of boxing completely. With television networks making Mayweather supporters look bad for continuing to let the million dollar boxer get in the ring, the heat is up. But it is not the networks or even the supporters who are pushing for the boxer’s retirement. It is the boxer’s father, Floyd Mayweather Senior.

MayweatherMayweather Snr. has recently announced that he hopes for his son to retire. He believes that his son should “hang up his gloves” after his fight against Pacquiao. With the fight against Pacquiao being labeled the richest fight in boxing history, Floyd will have made history if he wins against Pacquiao. Even if he loses, the time after the fight may be the right time for the boxer to step away with a 47-1 record and the millions he made from the fights. With Floyd estimated¬†to make $180 million just from the Pacquiao match, coming up on May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the boxer will be worth enough to retire.¬†Overall, statistics show that Floyd has made a whopping $385 billion.

At 38-years-old, Floyd says he has made some smart investments and will probably be okay if he retired, while speaking with a reporter from AP who asked Floyd if he was worried about losing all of his money after retirement. Floyd, who owns expensive cars, several mansions, and even a private jet, stated that he has toned down a lot from his younger years of spending money and has learned to put much aside. If he follows his father’s wishes, that money will certainly come in handy, as Mayweather may see an end to his boxing career.

But the boxer, who calls himself a better fighter than Muhammad Ali, may not be ready to retire just yet. Especially if he wins the fight against Pacquiao, he may decide that he wants to continue on to an even bigger record. But Mayweather Snr. stated that boxing is a gamble. He said that it is not an easy sport, even though his son makes it look easy. He also stated that he felt that his son should not gamble too much, even if he is a great fighter. One off day could ruin his current undefeated record, which could take a toll on him. Mayweather Snr. expressed his belief that his son will have no problem beating Pacquiao, stating that Pacquiao was not at his son’s level and was only an opponent, but hopes that his son decides to walk away after the fight.

Mayweather Snr. stated that Floyd has made enough money that he does not have to fight anymore. Though it is unclear what, if anything, Mayweather would do after walking away, it may be hard to turn down fights that bring him in millions. With some of his best fights bringing in millions of views, as well, Mayweather will always have fans, even if he steps away. In fact, his fight against Oscar De La Hoya was the best selling pay-per-view fight in boxing history, with a record 2.48 million buys.

Whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. will see an end to his boxing career or not is uncertain. But one thing is certain: Mayweather has made himself a boxing legend in his boxing career. As he started young, he has certainly come a long way. As billions will tune in to see his fight on May 2, he may or may not leave the ring a winner. However, he will leave the ring as a great boxer and if he decides to leave the sport, it seems that he will always have that title.

By Crystal Boulware


LA Times