Floyd Mayweather Jr. Boasts About His Ability to Hit

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Boasts About His Ability to Hit


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is certainly boastful about his ability to hit in the ring. Telling the world how good he is, is not something Mayweather shies away from. Calling himself better than Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson, the 47-0 record boxer does not hesitate to point at his winning record. As his merchandise is labeled with the letters ‘T.B.E.’, the title ‘The Best Ever’ is one that Mayweather gave to himself. Though the 38-year-old boxer has simmered down some from the days when he use to boast about himself against the competition, calling his competitors nasty names and making snide comments, he is still one to promote himself in public, even if he does not call out the competition. Though many state that Mayweather has every right to be proud, others find him to be a bit too cocky. Either way fans are eager to see if Mayweather’s boxing ability will stand up in his next fight.

Mayweather has certainly had a good record. With fans around the world, including celebrities, his large following certainly shows that he is well liked for his boxing skills. With one of the biggest fights in boxing history coming up on May 2, Mayweather certainly has his work cut out for him. But as he stated to the public, his 47-0 record leaves him unworried about the fight that is to come. Up against Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather believes that while he is up against a talented boxer, he will be okay if he just focuses on himself and who he is. He stated, “[Pacquiao] is a fighter who’s extremely talented. But my thing is to just be Floyd Mayweather.”

MayweatherWhether being Floyd Mayweather will help him out or not is the big question boxing fans have about the upcoming match. Though Mayweather is treating it as if it were just another fight, stating that that is how he has to look at it, Pacquiao’s coach is not using the same line of thinking. While Mayweather boasts about his ability to hit, Pacquiao’s coach Freddie Roach is boasting about his boxer’s fast hands.

Sources state that Roach is good about making predictions in boxing matches. His prediction for the upcoming match in which Mayweather will face Pacquiao, is that the latter could win due to his fast hands. Roach has been training Pacquiao, leading him to world championships, and he does not seem to be too concerned with Mayweather and his 11-time championship wins. He believes that the two boxers will go all twelve scheduled rounds but that in the end his boxer will win the match on a decision, after Pacquiao constantly makes his opponent miss. Roach thinks that the opposing boxer’s legs are not what they use to be, and that his own boxer’s hands and movements are too fast for Mayweather to be able to hurt him. Since Mayweather is mostly known for his defensive skills, Roach could turn out to be right about his prediction.┬áRegardless of Roach’s beliefs, Mayweather is still confident in his ability to hit well in the ring, causing the opponents to lose, as he still boasts about all that he has accomplished in his boxing career.

But Mayweather also has a mean streak, one which makes media label him a thug or unrepentant monster. Sources make mention of how Mayweather once used racist rants in regards to his opponent Pacquiao, when they were set to box in a match, years ago. Though Floyd states that he has done some growing up since then, the media still takes the opportunity to show the part of Mayweather that they believe is hiding still, on the inside. Sources state that he may use his money to cover things up but that he is still the same type of man. Regarding the unrepentant monster label of the boxer, it is still believed by many that Mayweather’s violence stems beyond the ring. Accused in the past of being a women beater, a new documentary has recently re-portrayed the boxer in that distinct light.

An ESPN show, Outside the Lines is a show that reviews Mayweather’s supposed history of beating women. The show suggested that someone with such a history of violence should not be allowed in the boxing ring. Stating examples of other sports players who were not allowed to play after being involved in violent altercations, the show even called out the Nevada State Athletic Commission for allowing Mayweather to continue to participate in boxing. Commissioner Pat Lundvall said that it was not his job to judge. Lundvall basically stated that Mayweather served his punishment for the crimes alleged against him and that it was not any of the Athletic Commission’s business.

With the upcoming match, Mayweather has been boasting about his ability to hit, and with a strong opponent like Pacquiao, he might just need to hit hard. Though his history of violence works against him in the eyes of some, others solely focus on his boxing and the record which has brought him many wins and a ton of money. As thousands, even millions, of fans tune in to see the match, it is likely to be a very interesting one.

By Crystal Boulware


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