Family Court Corruption: FBI a No-Show

Family Court Corruption: FBI a No-Show


Public Corruption-It’s our top priority among criminal investigations—and for good reason. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) website, “Public corruption poses a fundamental threat to our national security and way of life.” They state that it impacts everything from the security of borders and neighborhoods to the quality of things like schools, government services and even roads. Then they mention public corruption even impacts “verdicts handed down in courts.” They state that public corruption, costs Americans billions in tax dollars every year. The FBI is singularly situated to combat this corruption, with the skills and capabilities to run complex undercover operations and surveillance, but so far, in the case of family court corruption, the FBI is a no-show.

The statements above, which came from the FBI website, give Americans one big question. If the FBI is so qualified to combat family court corruption, as “to verdicts handed down in corruptioncourts” suggests, why does the agency act as if the corruption problem doesn’t exist? With the power to combat corruption, it would seem only fitting that the FBI would actively investigate into the matter and take care of the corruption that goes on in family court.

Three major schemes, that are basically the same but target different groups of individuals, are perpetrated in family court by judges, attorneys, government agencies, and others in the system. The corruption schemes target parents who are divorcing, families with children under age 18, and the elderly/disabled population. There are many people in the three targeted groups, and since family court corruption has a ripple effect, many more are affected. Few people realize that the government has the power to ruin their lives through the legal system until they are stuck like a bug in the spiderweb of deceit.

The divorce regime involves divorcing parents, and usually targets the father. Children are forcibly separated from parents who are stripped of the care, custody, and companionship of their children without explanation. Family court judges and social workers, who usually work for government agencies, have almost unlimited power. The divorce regime corruption operates through political power, money, and fear. Adult victims can expect to be locked up in jail without charges or a trial, forced to confess, accused of child abuse, forced to pay for professional services, and have their homes and possessions illegally searched or stolen, while receiving nothing but doctored court dockets from the kangaroo court proceedings. Children are often instructed to hate, or act as an informer against, one or both parents.

Isolate, medicate, take the estate – That is the motto of the crooks who prey on the elderly, as well as the disabled. Systemic elder abuse/Medicare fraud often involves the Area Agency on Aging, a government entity that receives federal dollars to advocate for the elderly. In this manner of corruption, Elders are removed from their families or possibly put in the care of an abusive family member who teams up with the crooks. The elders might be placed into federal programs or nursing homes, and they might be given psychotropic or other drugs they don’t need. Concerned family members are not allowed to see them, and are often accused of abusing them. The elders’ assets disappear, and often they end up in nursing homes until the end of their lives, at taxpayers’ expense.

Child Protective Services (CPS) investigates reports of child abuse, and agency caseworkers decide when children should be placed in foster care. CPS has a long history of removing children from, often poor, homes for profit, under the guise of doing “what is best for the children.” Parents and children are victimized by the system that makes a profit for holding children longer and “bonuses” for not returning children. CPS is guilty of “legally kidnapping” children from good homes, and it’s guilty of not removing children from bad homes, including foster homes. The late Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer investigated CPS corruption in her state. Senator Schaefer said, “… I believe Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and that the entire system is broken almost beyond repair.”

The following statements reflect the views of American citizens, that uphold the alleged corruption going on in family court, in which the FBI is a no-show. About elders placed into the state system, a website for the purpose of stopping guardian abuse said, “Adult guardianship has become a feeding trough for unethical lawyers and other ‘fiduciaries’…American Taxpayers… are forced to pay the Medicaid tab for continued lifelong care.” On children becoming wards of the state, Eagle Forum said, “… it is more accurate to say that ultimately they have become wards of the state, which establishes what amounts to a puppet government within the family.” The Protective Mother’s Alliance International also commented on children who become wards of the state when they said, “…two preteen sisters have been seized from their parents’ custody by Child Protective Services and Phoenix Children’s Hospital…when a child is a ward of the state, medical research may be conducted on the child.”

Why do children and adults become wards of the state or more correctly, “property” of the government, and by extension, dependent upon taxpayers? The answer is simple – follow the money. Somehow, somewhere, somebody is making money. And in most cases, many entities and individuals are taking advantage of the ward and using him or her for personal or professional profit, a corruption which the FBI has yet to handle. As the Protective Mothers Alliance International also stated, “According to Health Impact News, it is a case of “follow the money.” The girls just happen to have this “rare and genetically significant condition [which] is a potential goldmine to pharmaceutical companies and researchers. The odds of finding two sisters with THIS same rare genetic condition is like winning a billion dollars in the lottery, at least for the entities that discovered them.”

It seems as though the government is running our lives, but yet they are ignoring the corruption affecting them. But why would the FBI investigate public corruption? With all of the statements that reflect the way Americans feel about the corruption that is going on, it seems as though the FBI would take an interest, if not for the good of those being harmed by the corruption, then for the good of those who witness it.

Opinion by Shelley Kuziak

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  1. I grew up in foster care because of the courts and was never to see my mom alive again. She died from a broken heart. I’m older now and I finally know she always loved me. The courts are good at taking kids away, then they should give kids psychological counseling to understand why what is going on. I was a trouble child and when from foster to foster home for a total of ten different homes.

    • Kids unjustly denied their human rights need to join together and sue the crap out of the government for their abuse and for denying them their rights to be raised by their own bio-families–the government thinks nothing of stealing a person’s family ties, traditions, beliefs and supports. It is time the government is held accountable for all the harm it has done in allowing by accident or on purpose government employees to harm innocent US citizens.

  2. Hello my name is michelle and I am a grieving mother that unjustly lost custody of all four of my kids back in 2000. I fought 3 differant custody cases, all initiated by a paternal aunt and uncle that are very wealthy. They falsely accused me of being unfit and a drug addict. None of their accusations were ever proven against me. They all conspired together to support each others cases.
    My kids were kept from me and from each other, and have continued to be all these years. My one daughter was sexually mollested by the uncle for eight years, starting riht before hey were taken, and I strongly believe the aunt was aware of what was going on, and turned her cheek to it. When it was finally exposed by accident she quickly divorsed the husband got hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he went to prison. And he just got out of prison aftr only serving 8 years.
    My youngest who is 15 is still living with his abusive father that had me convicted for dv and also made false reports to cps, saying that I caused injuries to my son, when infact he admitted to me that he actually caused them but used me for the scapegoat to avoid any trouble.
    As a result of this and much more, eventually I lost everything i owned and became homeless. I have spent the last 15 years of my life in hell trying to make it through each day of despare and work my way back to life.
    I have recently started gathering evidence, copies of court papers and orders I never recieved or saw. I am trying to write my story and show everyhing that these people were doing. At the time all of this was happening, i made countless attempts to get help and warn people what i knew was happening. I was never given an attorney or any help. I am preparing the facts and I want to hold all of these people accountable for destroying my family.
    Just one more thing, upon looking at all of my final court orders, I find it very strange that where my signature is suppose to be it is stamped not appearing, while all other parties are present with council. This is the same for all three cases, i was never given notice so i defaulted and my rights were terminated. I need help. Any suggestions?

  3. The FBI…

    FIRST: Like it or not the FBI are police and all police stick together.

    SECOND: The federal government needs to take control of the states as we head into this new world order crap and has been buying our sheriff’s offices in every county of every state with money and military grade equipment.

    THIRD: Matters of National Security include preserving the “Status-Quo” and retaining the majority of the people’s trust in authority or the “Public Trust” and the FBI helps in this regard by not acting on crime that would undermine the nation’s faith in its government.

    The thrust of this article focuses on the family court and the CPS courts when it is the courts in general. The same judges and lawyers that are pulling off these capers in Family Court are the same judges and lawyers holding trials, cooking juries and finding people guilty of victimless crimes to warehouse the criminals they manufacture in facilities they are fully invested in.

    In MIchigan, I have found the supreme court willingly complicit in a child trafficking scheme to bring federal money to the state by first depriving respondent parents in CPS cases of their Due Process rights through their creation and maintenance of the Michigan Court Rules, specifically, MCR 3.920(H). This court rule states that if CPS agents call you on the phone and tell you to be in court on the same afternoon and you go and you do not object to the notice defects, which are terminal to the proceedings against them, that they forever waive the right to object to “Notice Defects” which is the willful deprivation of the parent’s Due Process Rights and this is a FEDERAL CRIME as defined in Title 18 USC §§ 241 and 242.

    The FBI, on a national level, is working only to preserve the “Public Trust” as a matter of “National Security” and in doing so is actively supporting crimes against the People.

    People tend to believe that if the FBI (or ANY “Law Enforcement Agency”) isn’t or won’t investigate reported crimes that it must somehow believe that the crimes aren’t really crimes and generally the people leave it at that. THIS IS WRONG.

    When criminals aren’t prosecuted and know that they won’t be prosecuted, they have essentially been given a license to be criminals and their criminal conduct will continue and in most cases increase and become more and more severe.

    The bottom line is that most FBI agents believe that their covering for crimes is helping to maintain our National Security because they are too stupid to see that they are actually working to serve up the destruction of our country. The notion that the the FBI is simply overwhelmed by the criminal acts of the several states is completely bullshit because making an example out of a few would help to force others into lawful compliance.