Dr. Oz Provides Alternatives to Help America Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Oz Provides Alternatives to Help America Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle


Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon and vice chair of the surgery department at Columbia University, is being challenged by 10 prominent doctors. They  believe he needs to resign from his position at the prestigious Columbia University and become a celebrity television doctor. The 10 doctors signed a letter addressed to the dean citing one of the the reasons for his removal is due to the quack remedies and cures he touts for his own personal, financial advancement. However, the University of Columbia is committed to any expression of academic freedom.

The show’s popularity averages approximately two million views per day.  The Dr. Oz Show, which has won two Emmy awards,  is in its sixth season and will be airing its 1000th program this month. It is ironic that this same man was honored by Esquire’s 75 as one of the most influential men in the 21st century and that Forbes, also,  ranked Dr. Oz as one of the most influential men. Additionally, the Ellis Island Metal of Honor was presented to him in 2008 and Harvard University included him in the ranks of a high-ranking celebrity doctor.

The unrelenting goal of the Dr. Oz Show is to provide enough information to promote a healthy America. Every idea may not be useful depending on one’s personal need, but the public is encouraged to consult with a physician to ensure the alternative can be utilized safely. To date, there is no evidence that harm medically or physically has occurred to anyone who has embraced his suggestions.

The 10 doctors, who are challenging Dr. Oz’s credibility, have some investment in The American Council on Science and Health, which advocates for genetically modified foods, precisely known as genetically modified organisms (GMO). This is a valuable piece of information that directly relates to one of their concerns with Dr. Oz, which is due to their support for genetically modified foods (GMO).

Dr. Oz has been a critic of GMO and he has stated that the issue with genetically modified foods or organisms is that they should be listed with all other information on labels. He believes that the public has the right to know what is in the food that they purchase and, ultimately, eat. Although some preeminent scientists have argued that this will strike fear in the American public, and that people are capable of reading labels and making the necessary decisions about food choices based on the knowledge of their personal health conditions.

It is evident that those trained in the field of medicine are less knowledgeable of nutritional supplements and people do not necessarily completely value science as the “gospel truth.”  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has documented that one in three seek out alternative methods to improve health as opposed to relying on traditional medicine.

Television viewing can attest to the fact that The Dr. Oz Show is not the only celebrity television program offering ideas to the public. The Doctors, also, provide valuable alternative support. The important key to Dr. Oz and others’ approach is looking at ways to control everyday issues with practical suggestions that do not require a pill. The creator of this earth provided a number of resources and all that needs to be done is to cultivate the ideas. That is what Dr. Oz does in the spirit of supporting a healthier America. Dr. Oz has recognized that people want more than the medical doctor and the cold approach of science. His ideas make a lot of sense and he studies his work to make sure that it is rooted in science literature.

Dr. Oz’s efforts to move the public beyond conventional medicine and take control of their personal health needs are commendable. He grew up in a family that encouraged him to be ambitious and aggressive. Medical issues that are complex are explained in laymen’s terms and he utilizes graphics that would never be provided in conventional medical practices. Although he may not forthright endorse any product, Dr. Oz has no tolerance for false advertisement with his name attached to it.

Opinion By Marie A. Wakefield


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