Comic-Con Las Vegas Kicks Off New Network

Comic-Con Las Vegas Kicks Off New Network


Comic-Con has officially launched its streaming network channel CONtv. Las Vegas Comic-Con is said to kick off its new network and premier, which started March 3.

The channel has accumulated 92 percent of gratification ratings. Due to their dedicated fans, CONtv has a stream of 2,500 hours of original shows, TV episodes from their YouTube channels, and the private Comic-Con panel from the many nationwide annual conventions. CONtv is a partner of Cinedigm, a digital entertainment, independent distributor. As well as Wizard World, who are the producers of the large Comic-Con’s Tour in America. The collaboration of the two, provides an abundance of opportunities for fans, to access the community on many forms of electronic devices.

Chris McGurk, CEO and Chairman, of Cinedigm told Finances, they were proud to be partnered with Comic-Con, and CONtv being the first OTT network for comic fans is exciting. He knows it is going to be very successful, since the preview did very well over the last couple of weeks.

John Macaluso, CEO of Wizard World, told Finances in the same interview, CONtv is for fans that attend, Wizard World Comic-Con events. It is the extension of TV shows, films, stars, comics, personalities, and heroes they crave throughout the year, when waiting for the next annual event.

Lionsgate has also partnered for international Comic-Con, along with San Diego’s video-on-demand service (SDVOD), being released sometime later in the year. The additional services will incorporate, short-films, and TV series from Lionsgate and other studios as well as footage from the 45 year history of Comic-Con.

David Glanzer, Comic-Con’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, told Variety, two years ago discussions about the channels were held. The celebration of Comic-Cons comics, working with Lionsgate partners has been an exciting collaboration working 24-hours, and all year-long to find ways to deliver popular art and unique magic to the fans.

CONtv launched by Cinedigm has began to air all of the original content titles and episodes last month. The titles are Last Fan Standing, Mythica: A Quest For Heroes, and Fight of the Living DeadAs Comic-Con, Las Vegas kicks off the network, Wizard World has announced they will also cover additional upcoming events in major markets in places such as, Sacramento, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Des Moines, Chicago, and many more. The original slate of programs on CONtv, is continuously growing as the fourth original channel Morphing My Life, a reality series full of action, made its first appearance on the network this past Friday, April 24.

The partnership between Cinedigm and Wizard World is not affiliated with Comic-Con international, but it still has a huge fan base of comic lovers that are able to access both realms of the various Comic-Con channels. All of the partners entering the digital channels, to grasp a larger connection with their fans, is allowing the comic fan base to expand and connect with other Comic-Con supporters around the world. It gives them an opportunity to see the various types of interests many comic fans have.

Comic-Con Las Vegas, Kicks off the new network CONtv gives comic fans more access to their favorite shows. It also keeps them connected all year long until the next event is hosted.

By Krystle Mitchell





Photo by Kevin Dooley – Flickr License