Chelsea F.C. Wins Again Against Manchester United

Chelsea F.C. Wins Again Against Manchester United


Chelsea F.C., the London based team of the professional football club, has won again in their game against Manchester United F.C. With just a 1-0 win, the team is now one game closer to an English title. Manager Jose Mourinho commented on the teams fantastic effort but was sure to mention that they had not won anything yet, as they still had more games to play before reaching their chance at a title. But going against one of the best teams in the football club and winning is definitely a major success.

The team, Chelsea F.C., held strong in the second half as Eden Hazard scored the only goal of the game at Stamford Bridge. As the team has not won an English title since 2010, the overwhelming excitement of the players was not well contained. Their most recent winning game set them 10 points up on the table, putting the English title in clear view.

However, Mourinho was sure to speak for Chelsea F.C., stating that he would not let his players think they had crossed the finish line until the math says such. The Portugese football manager and former player was adamant about the fact that they had two more games still to win, before they could get excited. The two more games that Chelsea F.C. needs to win are against Arsenal at the Emirates and Leicester City, whose recent game moved them up from the bottom of the board.

At the beginning of the game it was announced that Loic Remy and Diego Costa would not play in the game and sit home-side, due to injuries. Regardless of losing some players, Chelsea F.C. members were determined to get closer to the Premier League title. The Blues fought hard against Manchester United F.C. with mostly back and forth action, until Hazard scored and the team held tight through the end.

Louis van Gaal was proud of his team’s performance in the beginning of the game, as they had a very strong start against Chelsea F.C. Though Manchester United F.C. was beat by the Blues, van Gaal still said that he felt his team had played the best game of their season, with an outstanding performance. He stated “in football you can lose a match, even if you are the better team,” as he discussed his pride in the team and his opinion that the team played their best.

With a whopping 70.3 percent of possession at Stamford Bridge, fans of Manchester were sure that they would win. Manchester F.C. held on to the ball with a tight grip but when Chelsea finally got it they were quick to score. Van Gaal said the game went exactly as he had planned, with the exception of the defeat. As the defeat moved Chelsea F.C. up the board, the Manchester United manager was clear to mention, as well, that Chelsea had two more games to win in order to get the title. As Manchester United F.C. was a strong team with six straight league wins, their 1-0 defeat was “unbelievable.”

In the meantime, Mourinho is setting his team up for a win against the two teams Arsenal and Leicester City. With Leicester being in place 18 on the table after their move up, Chelsea should be able to handle them, though only time will tell. As far as playing Arsenal, that game may be quite a challenge for the Blues as Arsenal is just under them on the table. That game will be the one that will determine whether or not Chelsea F.C. is able to get to a title or not. As Chelsea F.C. continues on their journey toward a Premier League title, they can only hope that their best is yet to come.

By Crystal Boulware

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