Chelsea F.C. The Legacy

Chelsea F.C. The Legacy


With the most recent win of Chelsea F.C. it is clear that the team has a major shot at a Premier League title, but as they continue on they are only upholding the legacy that the founders hoped to instill. When the football club was founded in 1905 at the Rising Sun Pub, the team became history in the making. But will their current line of victories bring another title to their name?

When Chelsea F.C. was created in 1905, they were one of the youngest teams created, as many others preceded them. For many years their luck was slow in the making. Founding directors who met at the Rising Sun Pub for the football club’s inception were millionaire Henry Augustus ‘Gus’ Mears and his brother Joseph, Henry Boyer who was the two previous men’s brother-in-law, and Alfred Janes and his nephew Edwin. Edwin was the man who ran the Rising Sun Pub; a key piece of why Chelsea F.C. was created there.

Stamford Bridge was officially built on Fulham Road by Archibald Leitch, a famous architect in his time. Naturally, they won their first home game and it was shortly after that, and for the first few seasons, that the players were given the true color of blue, as the players on the Chelsea F.C. team wore Eton Blue.

As their inception preceeded many major wars, Chelsea F.C. had a hard time being the top team of the football club. It was not until the 1930’s that they were making it as a division one team. With 31 consecutive years as a division one team they intercepted that in 1955 by winning a league title, though it was the only one they were able to get in that time. Under the management of Ted Drake, the team was able to score their first league title, though his name is not often mentioned.

Ted Drake took the team to victory, which was something that had not been done in Chelsea F.C.’s 55 years on the field. Though Drake was on for three seasons before winning a title, he made many changes to the team that contributed to their status. He gave them the nickname “The Blues,” instead of their previous nickname “The Pensioners,” which was only fitting because of their crest. Drake had also changed the crest to the now infamous “Lion Rampant Regardant” crest.

Chelsea F.C. then switched managers several times, and in the process was able to win four League titles, seven FA cups, five League cups, four community awards, and many EUFA cups. Each of these trophies were significant to the team who made it through wars, many manager changes, and even financial difficulties. As well, through the 1980’s the team placed in the lower part of the board consecutively, but in the 90’s the team rebuilt and won many of the aforementioned awards.

It was not until 2004 that, current manager, Jose Mourinho began managing Chelsea F.C. In his first two seasons he led the team to victory and fans believed it was a match made in heaven. In 2006 it was Mourinho’s direction that led Chelsea F.C. to win a league title, two league cups, and an FA cup. Unfortunately Mourinho left the team in 2007, a disappointing move for everyone. It was not until 2013 that he returned.

Though the Premier League was not created until 1992, Chelsea F.C. has since won four league titles. This year, with strong playing skills, Chelsea F.C. may be looking at winning another Premier League title. If Mourinho can hold strong for the next two games, he can lead to team to achieve another title, which they have not done in five years. After their win against Manchester United F.C., they are one step closer to winning the Premier League title. After a long and difficult legacy, Chelsea F.C. may be able to start another good reign as the top football club.

By Crystal Boulware


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