Britt McHenry Receives One Week Suspension From ESPN

Britt McHenry Receives One Week Suspension From ESPN


Britt McHenry received a one week suspension from ESPN based on the video that went viral, showing her yelling and cursing at an employee of a tow truck company. McHenry stated that she was parked at the restaurant where she had dinner and came back to find the woman employee jacking up her car to tow it. At first citizens were shocked to see her behavior, as she made many remarks that were degrading to the woman’s personal appearance. But then when people learned which tow company it was they immediately began taking McHenry’s side. Was Britt McHenry right or wrong?

Looking at the facts from both sides of the story can be alarming either way. McHenry posted a comment on Facebook, urging people to be nice to other people. Nearly a week later she was seen on an internet video that went viral, yelling at the woman towing her car. McHenry insulted the woman’s education, personal appearance, and, indirectly, her choice of job. Her statements telling the woman to “lose some weight,” offended obesity advocacy groups and the a Tampa-based non-profit company. She was forced to apologize.

Shortly after a woman came forward to media stating that McHenry has displayed this type of behavior before. Sarah Sparkman, a woman lawyer from Arkansas, tweeted her personal idea of how women are treated like objects and not beautiful and intelligent women. She stated that she wished women were treated as professionals in the work place. McHenry responded to the tweet asking Sparkman what was wrong with beautiful women wanting to be nice and intelligent? Sparkman replied that she had nothing against that, she just wanted women to be treated like professionals. Apparently the conversation went on until McHenry eventually called Sparkman a hater.

As the media went crazy after all of the evidence came out against McHenry, showing her to be a foul-mouthed, violent reporter, ESPN worried about the frenzy and gave the reporter a one week suspension. It was not long after that people began siding with McHenry fighting against the towing company and stating that ESPN needed to restate the reporter, despite her rude comments. Though Britt was labeled as a “Mean Girl,” following the theme of the movie, many began to post comments on social media against the tow company, cheering Britt on.

According to posts on social media the towing company who took McHenry’s car was Advanced Towing in Arlington, VA. a company that is not well liked. Britt called the company corrupt on Twitter but deleted her comment after all of the chaos. However, a ton of people also called out the company for their supposed corrupt actions. The response against the company was overwhelming.

Advanced Towing in Arlington is a tow company who allegedly works for business owners and other entities in towing vehicles that are “out of place.” But their actions and the places where they go to tow vehicles away are, according to customer complaints, not quite legal or appropriate. According to sources the company’s Better Business Bureau rating is an F because they have had 40 complaints with only three complaints resolved. Other complaints state that Advanced Towing broke into cars to tow them, spied on people than towed their car when they went inside, and even towed their cars with their kids inside. Hundreds of people have made complaints against the company in some way or another. These complaints reflect that Advanced Towing takes legally parked cars, making them very predatory.

Many have also stated that their methods are not legal as they steal cars, force people to pay cash without giving them change, charge them twice on their credit cards, and yell at customers and insult them when their car gets towed or when they try to get their cars back. Though it is often said that not many people write a good review only negative ones, it seems that the only people who have dealt with the company are against them in some way and have a complaint against them.

This leads many to believe that, while McHenry could have handled the situation a little better, that she was justified in yelling at the employee, as the employees are often rude and performing illegal acts. The New York Post also stated that McHenry should have never been placed on suspension, as her private conversation in the most stressful time, was none of their business. They inferred that the media should move on from the hype about McHenry stating that there is, “a much more interesting and important story than ‘Citizen yells at another citizen.'”

McHenry has not quite responded since her public apology. Though she was wrong in making the statements she made, being irate at the company Advanced Towing was not wrong, as many take the same stance. Though Britt McHenry received a one week suspension from ESPN, she will be back after that and will hopefully learn her lesson about getting mad in public. However, since it was supposedly the towing company who filmed her, and the statements made by the tow employee were edited out, McHenry may have only been mirroring the actions of the two employee. Though they always say to turn the other cheek or treat people in the way they should treat others, McHenry failed to be the nicer person. Still, many believe a suspension may have been a bit much.

By Crystal Boulware

NY Post
NY Daily News