Bobby Brown vs Whitney Houston Family in Fight Over 20 Million Inheritance

Bobby Brown vs Whitney Houston Family in Fight Over 20 Million Inheritance


Bobby Brown recently stated at a concert that his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, had woke from her coma, not long after her aunt, Tina Brown (Bobby’s sister), had posted on social media that Bobbi Kristina was awake. While media is going crazy over the frenzy that the Bobby Brown and family state that Bobbi is awake, the real reason behind the matter is somewhat hidden. The truth is that Bobby Brown is in a battle versus Whitney Houston’s Family as they all fight over Houston’s 20 million dollar inheritance.

As it stands many know that Bobbi was the sole receiver of Whitney Houston’s inheritance. With a distribution schedule set on Houston’s inheritance, Bobbi was supposed to get two million dollars when she turned 21-years of age (a payment that was already received), 15 percent at age 25, and the remainder of the inheritance at age 30. This would have all been done as scheduled, had Bobbi not been found face down in a bath tub on January 31, 2015.

Bobbi Kristina was supposedly found by her alleged husband Nick Gordon and his friend. Statements made by those closest to Bobbi reference her supposed addiction to Xanax, stating that she often took more than the recommended dose. Bobbi’s ex-boyfriend, Zach Jafarzadeh stated that she had recently been having problems with current boyfriend Gordon, and was very depressed about it. He states that he believed that Bobbi may have been trying to commit suicide, as she was found in the same way that her mother was.

In February of 2012, famous singer Whitney Houston was found in the bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Since then it has seemed like the battle of her estate has been a major issue. With so many people related to Houston being left out of the will, many were unhappy about the results. With 20 million dollars there would have been plenty to go around, but the only person who received anything and the one who stood to gain everything, was Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi received the inheritance in scheduled amounts, as previously stated, and also had sole residence in Houston’s 1.2 million dollar home, sitting on five acres, in Atlanta. Hits like My Prerogative and Every Little Step, have also made Bobbi worth 2 million dollars herself, according to sources.

Though it was later found that there was no foul play believed to be involved in Houston’s death, nothing has been ruled out about her daughter’s death, as she remains on life support. Bobbi was revived but placed into a coma, due to her injuries. With so much money riding on her life, it is difficult to believe that the daughter of Houston wanted to commit suicide. Especially, as her mother died when Bobbi was only a teenager. Though the death of her mother was a struggle for her, she seemed to be happy in her relationship and family matters, or so it would appear on camera. Foul play could have been involved in Bobbi’s accident, as sources claim that injuries on her face and mouth were found.

BrownBobbi’s placement onto life support started a massive feud of Bobby Brown vs. the Houston family, which includes the mother Cissy, and Houston’s siblings, over the 20 million dollar inheritance that Bobbi was set to get. Bobby Brown has, according to sources, already asked about what would happen to the money if his daughter died, and may even be seeking legal action. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston divorced in 2007, after a 14-year marriage. Brown was in Houston’s will but his claim to her estate was dissolved after the divorce. Houston’s family stated that Brown could only have contested the will directly after Houston’s death, and has no claim to it just because he was married to her. Houston’s family does not want to see Brown end up with anything, as the will states that they have a right to the money.

When the aunt, Tina Brown, posted on social media that Bobbi Kristina was awake from her coma, Bobby Brown soon made the announcement to concert goers in Texas, where he was. But after the post was made it was also deleted. Whether Bobbi is awake or not is yet to be confirmed. Sources say this could be a ploy for Brown to hold off longer on settling the inheritance. In the meantime, the Houston family has been pressuring Brown to take Bobbi off of life support. As they know that her death would mean that they would get the 20 million dollar inheritance, their want for Bobbi to be off of life support could solely be from greed. Then again it could be because they believe that there is no hope for Bobbi and do not want to see her suffer any longer. Either way this fact means that they were probably not involved if there was foul play, as they would know that an autopsy might confirm such.

It has also been stated that Bobbi’s doctor at the hospital where she was first taken, Emory University Hospital, told Brown that there was nothing they could do for Bobbi, other than the previous measures they already took. In response to that, Brown moved Bobbi to a medical rehabilitation center. Brown is determined to see his daughter wake from her coma but everyone else says the chances are unlikely.

Brown is currently in charge of all of his daughter’s medical decisions. Houston’s family, however, state that there is no hope for her to wake up. Medically speaking, Bobbi has not shown any improvement, and the Houston family believes that keeping her on life support is not doing her any good. Brown is hopeful that she will make a full recovery and is neglecting ending her life support, regardless of the pressures from the Houston family.

Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy, and siblings have also made statements regarding their concern about Brown’s ability to make emergency decisions for his daughter. They stated that Brown is soon set to tour Australia and will be away. It has not been said yet if the family is fighting to take over medical proxy of Bobbi. One thing is for sure, however, as the Houston family has been fighting to end life support of Bobbi Kristina, they will most likely take her off if they are allowed to make the decision.

While Bobby Brown is in a battle versus the Houston Family, the 20 million inheritance may end up going to Nick Gordon. Nick Gordon stated that he and Bobbi were married, which would give him right to the inheritance. However, Brown has stated that Gordon is not even in the picture, as far as claiming the inheritance, as he states that his daughter and Gordon were never married. Brown stated that no proof exists, other than Gordon’s word. Pat Houston, wife of Gary Houston, also took out a restraining order against Gordon in March 2014, stating that he was making threatening comments toward her. It has also been alleged that Gordon was violent towards Bobbi, as she often turned up with bruises. With no proof of a marriage to Bobbi, the only existing parties to fight it out are Brown and the Houston’s.

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