Baltimore Death by Police Once Again Leads to Protesting

Baltimore Death by Police Once Again Leads to Protesting


With all of the upheaval surrounding police against African-Americans, one would think that police would learn to be much more cautious in dealing with matters of arrest against African-American men. But once again, it seems that they have not learned much, as another protest has broken out in Baltimore against police, whose arrest of a man lead to his death by a curious spinal injury. As citizens began to grow angrier with police each day, their status is becoming even more offensive to the black community.

With the motto “black lives matter,” protesters have often been marching the streets against the killings of African-American males, across the U.S. What began with Michael Brown, an African-American teenager shot in Ferguson, has now started in Baltimore with the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. Citizens of Baltimore are outraged, but are protesting in a much more civil manner than the other protests across the nation. Perhaps that is because they have more of a hope to see justice served.

After Gray’s death the Department of Justice, who might have learned from previous cases, immediately opened up an investigation against the Baltimore police officers who were allegedly involved. Six officers of the Baltimore Police Department, were temporarily suspended without pay, during the investigation in which the Department of Justice determines to find out how Gray died and what may have caused his injuries.

According to Gray’s family, he died at a Baltimore hospital after suffering neck injuries that put him in a coma. The family stated that Gray’s voice box had been crushed and his spine had been 80 percent severed. This injury was fatal for him, but the police officers involved are standing by their statements that they have no idea how it happened.

According to statements, Freddie was apprehended by officers who “looked him in the eye.” As Gray had supposedly been involved in criminal activity before, Baltimore officers seemed suspicious of him, and upon making eye contact with him, it is said that Gray ran. Police chased him on foot for minutes, before he was arrested and put into a police van for transport. According to sources, video taken of the van, showed that it stopped a few minutes after the trip to the police station had begun.

Baltimore officers stated that they stopped to shackle Gray’s feet, as he was getting rowdy, but that does not explain how Gray later died of a crushed spine. The man who shot the video was insistent that something suspicious had went on. The family of Gray believed that something could have gone on, as they stated that police did not have any evidence to arrest Gray on, other than running from the police.

Protesters believe that after all of the killings of African-American males that have gone on lately at the hands of police, running from the police is very justified. As the Department of Justice has had many investigations into the activity of police lately, protesters hope that this one will turn up results, giving them justice.

The Baltimore police officers that were involved state that nothing happened and that Gray was arrested without force or incident. They did confirm that during the transport Gray asked for an inhaler and medical attention several times, before he was rushed to the hospital. On Sunday, Gray passed away from his fatal injuries.

African-American protesters now walk around Baltimore with black ribbons on their shirts, tied like support ribbons for Breast-Cancer, Aids, and other illnesses, but in the color black to support black lives. Protesters in Baltimore have taken to the streets today to fight the death by police and will once again be protesting in the spot where Gray was arrested, until justice is found.

Though no one knows exactly what happened between Baltimore police and Freddie Gray, Baltimore citizens are determined to show the world that they are united against police. Yelling that it is open season in Baltimore against African-Americans, citizens are so far leading a protest that is somewhat peaceful. But if justice is not found in Baltimore, the protest could possibly turn into a riot, as in other cities before where African-Americans were killed at the hands of police.

By Crystal Boulware


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