Apple Inc. Mishap Proves Fans Should Not Cheat

Apple Inc. Mishap Proves Fans Should Not Cheat


It was just a couple of days ago that an Apple Inc. mishap proved that fans of the products should not cheat on their girlfriends. On Twitter, a Japanese woman posted a picture of many Apple Inc. products drowning in a bathtub full of water. The woman posted that her reasoning for destroying the technology was because she found out her boyfriend was cheating. While some said that her methods were harsh, others posted comments of approval.

Apple Inc. is always coming out with new products. Their desire to innovate has taken them far beyond the advances of technology, until of course other companies catch up. Then it is off to find the next best thing. Their new smart watch has just created the next big trend, it seems, and a patent application shows their intention of providing users with a whole new touch experience. With Apple Inc. being one of the leaders in technology, products can get pretty pricey.

Being a fan of Apple Inc.’s technology products will cost a pretty penny. Yet, the woman seemed less concerned with the cost and more concerned about her boyfriend’s unfaithfulness. As the man was apparently a fan who bragged at the fact that he had nearly every Apple Inc. product, he owned at least a couple of iPhones, an iMac, an iPad, two MacBooks, and several accessories, which now no longer work, proving he should not have cheated.

The woman wrote that it was the perfect revenge. For a person to destroy their boyfriend’s prized possessions after he cheats to prove a point, can probably be relieving, but this mishap in which Apple Inc. Apple Inc.products were soaked to no return should probably not have been taken lightly. If the boyfriend wanted to get even with his, now, ex he could probably sue her for the cost of the damaged products, being that the soaked Apple Inc. collection is worth thousands of dollars. Since, after tossing every product into the bath, the woman posted the picture on Twitter for the whole world to see and even sent the picture to the cheating boyfriend, he definitely has the evidence. So does everyone else that uses Twitter.

For all those who love Apple Inc. products, the picture was most likely painful to look at. Even those who were not necessarily into all of the Apple Inc. products, the picture could have still been painful, as seeing all of that expensive technology ruined can just be heartbreaking. Though most of the comments were in Japanese, many social media users took one side or the other.

While the woman got over 10,000 favorites and had her post re-tweeted 15,900 times, many commented on their disapproval of her technological destruction. Others took her side and cheered her on for getting revenge against her cheating boyfriend. Should the boyfriend have the money to replace all of the expensive Apple Inc. products that went to waste, perhaps he will think next time before cheating, or at least hide his beloved technology from his significant other.

For now, this Apple Inc. mishap should be a lesson to fans everywhere that if they decide to cheat, it should not be forgotten that a woman’s revenge can be devastating, if not dangerous. Though cheating is not a good thing in the eyes of most, those who do decide to commit to the act should at least hide their technology before other women get the same idea.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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