Android Releases Smartwatches to Assist the Everyman

Android Releases Smartwatches to Assist the Everyman


Wearable technology is the thing of the future, starting here in the present. From the release of the Google Glass spectacles, all the way to the new Android smartwatch, technology is ready to assist the everyman. It will be hitting the markets from South Korea to North America, and then Asia and Europe in these next couple of weeks. The LG Watch Urbane will be more globally friendly than Google Glass and possibly even Apple Watch.

The LG Watch possesses a P-OLED 1.3 inch monitor with a contemporary design, comprised of a full metal body and a stitched together leather strap. The Android Wear model comes with features including, but not limited to, Wi-Fi, manual emoji identification, and the always-on apps. Consumers who will buy the smartwatch will also be able to make voice calls as long as their watch is connected to their phone. As an added perk, it also keeps tabs on the wearer’s heart rate during their daily grind.

With water and dust proofing, exceptional battery life, 512 MB RAM, and 4 GB internal space capacity, LG wanted to be sure their device was going to be worth the price. However, no official price has been set for the Android wearable, but Google Store is going ahead as planned to release it globally, regardless.

Smartphones with voice commands- check. Smartwatches with voice commands- check. This latest Android Wear device comes with a plentiful amount of apps that can be launched via specific phrases. Watch Urbane has the ability to store notes and create new ones. To revisit past notes, one just has to say “Open Keep.” To record down a new set of notes, one just needs to repeat the phrase “OK Google, take a note.” The other features of taking notes are simple. Swipe up and down to scroll through your list, tap the screen to open a note, or you could use the manual plus button to generate a new note.

Android Wear watches also allow users to add one-time or daily reminders. It is a similar setup to the update that the Android app was granted with in March. Google Keep will require an update in its software because at the moment, it only serves as a double for the services that Android already provides without it. Android Wear was confirmed to be receiving an update as well.

What will truly make Android Wear capable of assisting the everyman in their daily lives comes from the fact that users will be granted access to the newly released always-on apps. Just by looking at it, or not, the watch will decide whether or not to lock itself. No matter if the screen is locked or not, the apps will continue to run while users peruse a library or book flights. The LG Watch Urbane also grants users access to contacts, apps, and their message alerts with a single swipe across the watch face in a leftward direction.

Now with the LG Watch Urbane, the Google Store shelves four different Android Wear products, including the Sony Smartwatch 3, Samsung Gear Live, and Moto 360. Not one of Watch Urbane’s predecessors have hit that just-have-to-have mark with consumers. Watch Urbane has the advantage when it comes to its aesthetic design, but will it prove to be what the everyman desires for their in and out grinds of the day?

Google’s time and resources are being pumped into the device, so it may pull through. With Android Wear’s sister apps, LG Call and LG Health, the latter of which is still in development, this latest Android Wear model has the potential to attract the everyman to the market. The global release in these next few weeks will tell all.

By Matthew Austin Bowers


Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns – Flickr License