Acer Inc. Getting Even More Serious About Gaming

Acer Inc. Getting Even More Serious About Gaming


Acer is definitely getting even more serious about the gaming industry. With a variety of products from other companies, like keyboard and mouse combinations, to high definition video cards, Acer Inc.’s computers could be bundled with accessories that were full of features that helped the gamer enjoy a unique experience. Now with the new curved monitor that Acer Inc. has released, gaming excitement only continues, as Acer Inc. begins to get into the game, in a manner of speaking.

All those in the world of gaming can now take excitement in the fact that Acer Inc. has released a new curved gaming monitor. Meant to take a gamer into the experience, the curved monitor covers the front and peripheral views. Gamers can feel like part of the action for any of the games that they play, especially when used in collaboration with all of the many other Acer Inc. gaming products that are supposedly still to come.

According to sources, Acer Inc. held a press conference, in which they announced that they were going to be releasing a variety of products that make the gaming experience better. Labeled “Predator,” the company is supposedly working on a new monitor, a desktop, a tablet, and two new notebooks. All of these items are set to come out throughout the year, in different quarters.

For now, as they get even more serious about gaming, Acer Inc. has unleashed the veil on the new curved monitor. The XR341CKA, is not a very stylish name, but with a 34-inch, curved screen, sharp visuals, Nvidia G-Sync technology, and more, users will soon forget the name. The monitor also delivers sound through two 7W speakers, as the experience of being in the game just would not be the same without sound effects.

In the back, the monitor also has a display port, HDMI port and five USB ports, for easy charging and Acer Inc.connecting of devices, according to sources. One user even connected three monitors together, when trying out the device, making for a triple experience. As many gamers make use of a dual-screen, this option could also be something that would change the gaming experience, as two curved screens are better than one.

Buying two of the new Acer Inc. monitor’s, however, will set a user back a pretty penny. A Games HTXT writer states that the monitor is listed, in some places, for $1299. With more gaming items expected to come out from Acer Inc., the entire system if priced that high (and most likely it will be) could cost gamers a lot of money. Though some gamers, ignore price for the sake of the game, others might need to save up.

As Acer Inc. is getting even more serious about gaming, their newest product release is one that is expected to thrive. Nvidia’s senior vice president of the GForce business unit, Jeff Fisher, stated, “Acer continues to showcase its commitment to PC gaming with the introduction of their new Nvidia G-Synch-enabled XR341CKA gaming monitor.” With this and other products that Acer Inc. expects to put out this year, the world of computer gaming may never be the same.

By Crystal Boulware

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