420 in Colorado, as Many Flock to the State

420 in Colorado, as Many Flock to the State


No matter how the trend got started, April 20 has always been a day to light up a joint. As national weed day, 420 represents the freedom to smoke marijuana, and with much debate in the nation over its legalization, many are celebrating in different ways. Protests, group events, and festivals commence on this day in stoner history, and what better way to celebrate 420 than to flock to Colorado, as many do, because in that state marijuana is legal.

Though there are still restrictions to the amounts in possession and use of marijuana, Colorado was one of the first official states to legalize weed. The dispensaries set up in the state of Colorado allow residents to possess one ounce of THC. There are no restrictions on out-of-state buyers, other than, in some cases, a limit on the amount of possession or purchase. This is probably why many choose to celebrate 420 in Colorado.

Though smoking marijuana is not allowed in public, something that police in the state worked hard to remind tourists of, it is still much easier to buy weed and smoke it on 420, when in Colorado. Tourists can also celebrate with edibles, as weed can be purchased in brownies, candy bars, gummy bears, and more. After making a purchase, tourists and residents can then attend one of many events and festivals that go on in Colorado on 420.

The kick-off to 420 saw events the whole weekend, with the biggest event being at Denver’s Civic Center Park, where musical guests attended to start a concert at exactly 4:20. In the meantime, protests were going on all weekend in other states that do not allow marijuana to be legal. With such a large battle over the last couple of years, over the legalization of marijuana, it is only fitting that protesters would make this year’s 420 the loudest, as many states are so close to legalization.

For now, Colorado joins Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Washington D.C. in allowing weed to be legal. These states have certainly seen the profitable side of marijuana, giving yet another reason for other states to join in. In just the first week after Colorado’s legalization, the state made over 5 million dollars, according to sources. The state estimates that they have made around 600 million dollars per year, just in tax money from marijuana.

The weed business is definitely a strong business and with 5 million dollars made in just one week, it is sure to be a much larger profit on 420, when many tourists flock to the state of Colorado for 420 festivities. Many also take part in the festivities that go on in other states where marijuana is legal, but with Colorado being a more centralized state, they often see more tourists come in to celebrate.

Other states are also close to legalization, though the issue can often be debated. Supposedly seven states are looking at legalizing marijuana, but have not quite taken the jump yet. California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona, and Maine are all states who are said to be looking at legalization, though many are still unsure about passing the bill. As 420 will show just how well marijuana attracts tourists, these states may soon be ready to have their own profitable 420.

By Crystal Boulware


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