Sarah Palin has my Gratitude: she Makes my job Easier

Sarah Palin has my Gratitude: she Makes my job Easier


My job as a political writer is to inform the American people of the truth. The Public Slate is devoted to education. Sometimes I get to have a little fun and expose gaffes and misstatements by political figures. When not speaking from a prepared script, they reveal the way they actually think, or prove that they don’t think at all. I was a little worried a few weeks ago when it was revealed that even FOX News was backing away from Sarah Palin. ‘Caribou Barbie’ has allowed me to put humor into my writing. Her very existence is a caricature of uninformed extremists within the TEA Party. Allowing her to speak at the recently concluded CPAC, proves that the event had no serious components; its only purpose was to bash President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Welcome back former half-governor.

While speaking in front of the only fans she has left, she once again mangled historical facts. She told conservatives that the United States had killed all of the Nazis during WWII, and that we should do the same to ISIS; just ‘kill them all.’ Although this is humorous on the surface, we all must remember that she could have been one heartbeat away from being the most powerful leader in the free world.

She wasn’t finished. She began offering her opinion on war. Although I’m certain she didn’t mean to, she actually spoke the truth. She said that old men send our young men and women to fight wars, risking their lives for their country. She stated that our leaders must be willing to place themselves at risk, and only send our military into action when a plan is in place assuring a victory. She said that it is the responsibility of voters to elect an honorable commander-in-chief who is required to cautiously and thoughtfully make such serious decisions.

She just disqualified herself and all Republican presidential hopefuls; none of them has served in the military. And she also lambasted George W. Bush who failed to fit any of Palin’s requirements as commander-in-chief.

Not enough Palin? Here’s more. She was recently speaking at the North American Prospect Expo in Texas. She once again criticized President Obama for not permitting the oil companies to drill in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. Forget the fact that it’s not necessary, and would destroy the beauty of an area which is representative of American beauty and grandeur. Palin considers to lobby using her ‘drill baby drill’ mantra.

When she was asked about the dangers to wildlife presented by drilling in the refuge, you won’t believe her response; but I swear it’s true. The question was asked about the danger to caribou and moose in the region. Palin said, ‘they mate under the pipeline.’ Then she corrected her assumption by saying that she hadn’t actually seen them. Here comes the shock and awe as only she can produce. Palin said that ‘if one caribou has to be hurt, it should “take one for the team” for the benefit of the country.

The fact is that 34 of 43 caribou population in the United States is dwindling. There are multiple causes including the animal’s inability to adjust to climate change; (which Palin claims doesn’t exist). Drilling in the refuge would add another aspect to reasons for their decline.

Want more? If you insist. Not known for hard work, Palin attempted to portray herself as ‘putting in a full week of work.’ She released five films supporting her claim. The problem is that in two of the films she is wearing the same clothes, and they were supposed to have been filmed two days apart. The total running time of all five films was 10 minutes and 24 seconds. She obviously filmed two days at one sitting.

I’m not done yet. She criticized cuts to the military by the President of $478 billion, and claimed that $600 billion more are coming.

Ending two wars has resulted in less military spending and no one has ever seen the numbers which would show how much has been and will be cut in the future thanks to the Republican led ‘Sequester.’ She says that these cuts were ordered because Mr. Obama ‘hates our brave troops,’ and hates ‘the very idea of America.’

Okay, this is the last one. Palin nitpicked the President for allowing China to grow its military industrial complex while our own military continues to use tanks and planes built before or during the Reagan Administration.

Once again she only had a portion of the facts. The F-15 has never lost a dog fight, and was originally build in 1976. B-52’s were built six years after Reagan left office. Under the Obama Administration they are being completely overhauled to meet any future need. Tanks cannot drive on the Pacific Ocean which continues to separate China and the United States.

By the way; China currently has one active aircraft carrier. It is a German WWII relic.

Okay, she’s not so funny anymore; the term ignorant would be more accurate. I’m still grateful she’s hanging around.

Commentary by James Turnage


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