Republicans With Power are Destructive to the Working Class and the Nation

Republicans With Power are Destructive to the Working Class and the Nation


This is more than an article, it’s a warning. It’s time for national protests aimed at the Republican Party. With control of both houses in Washington, and in my state of Nevada, the right wing’s only goal is to destroy the working class for the benefit of the wealthy. Republicans have no concern about income inequality; the fact is that they prefer the gap to widen even more. Republicans live in the United States, but they do not represent the majority of the people of our nation, so they are truly un-American.

Republicans in Washington are pushing the nation towards two more wars. Why? War is good for business, bad for those who fight it, and they are never sons and daughters of the wealthy class. While the Obama Administration is acting intelligently trying to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran, Republicans are attempting to sabotage the effort. 47 Republican Senators bypassed the President and sent a letter to Iran’s leaders. The letter basically states that the negotiations are futile; no agreement is possible without ratification by Congress, and could be voided by the president elected in 2016. By definition, this is treason. Defined as; “the crime of helping your country’s enemies or attempting to illegally remove its government.” 47 Republicans have bypassed our elected leaders in the government in an attempt to create their own.

Republicans are making false claims that an agreement will be signed by the President without their approval. They need to learn the laws they are obliged to enforce. Congress must approve all agreements between the United States and foreign nations. The letter was authored by junior Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas.

What are the reactions by Iranian leaders?

They were outraged, labeling the letter as ‘insignificant’ and called it what it is, a ‘propaganda ploy.’ Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he was shocked that some members of the Congress of the United States would attempt to undermine their legally elected leader. He said that 47 Senators do not understand their own Constitution and how the President conducts foreign policy.

We, the people, must insist that Republicans do the jobs for which they were elected. Stop sticking your nose in places it doesn’t belong; get off of your lazy butts and legislate. We have serious problems, and every day that they are ignored they get worse. The working class is falling towards the poverty level, not just slipping. The numbers of impoverished and homeless Americans grow every day. If the Affordable Care Act is in danger, Republicans should be working to find a solution for seven million Americans. The minimum wage must be increased to help tens of millions of Americans find security in their daily lives. Something must be done for nearly 12 million residents who remain in limbo; their lives must be more important than the fact that their employers would be forced to pay all taxes if they were legal residents. It’s time to stop being the party of the wealthy class and serve the majority of Americans.

Here in Nevada, Republicans have already passed a bill to allow construction companies to pay less than the prevailing wage to workers engaged in the construction of government buildings. This will allow the companies to employ cheap out of state labor.

Another bill has been proposed which would totally eliminate the state’s minimum wage. Republicans want wages to be in line with the ‘Consumer Price Index,’ and retain control of what that wage would be.

Fast food employees are outraged. McDonald’s could now reduce their worker’s pay from $7.25 an hour to $4.00 an hour.

Republicans not only hate the working class, they lack humanity.

Commentary by James Turnage


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