Reality Television Personalities Fake It for TV

Reality Television Personalities Fake It for TV



There is a deluge of reality television that is fostering frauds and fraudulent behavior. Not only are reality television personalities portrayed as rich and fabulous just faking it for TV, but they are dragging innocent children into the fray. At least two reality families with small children have been torn apart by the scandal of an imprisoned parent. Reality families have lived out everything from divorce to financial ruin to infidelity.

For the children, as if high school were not hard enough, imagine the parents that one is already naturally embarrassed of, on display for all the world to see. Imagine; one day, one being able to watch their teen mother go to Greece, forever immortalized on the internet.

In this day of selfies, Twitter, and Instagram; every thought, deed, and misdeed is disseminated to the masses. Clearly generational, this trend to be in constant communication is almost epidemic. The most insane aspect is the obligatory plea for privacy once dirt has been exposed. Even more ridiculous is the notion that a reality television personality can hide or fake anything in the age of Google.

The demands to ‘leave family out of it’ can be heard on almost every cable channel in regards to reality television, when cameras have been contractually invited to follow daily life. From housewives with no husbands to rented “cribs”, it seems that everyone is just trying to fake it until they make it; the difference, however, is that most will not have to suffer the embarrassment of reliving it in reruns.

Unfortunately, reality television has been fatal for more than a few. The need for attention or fame caused one reality television husband to take his own life. Whitney Houston’s only child fell a victim to celebrity, although not of her own making. Each leaves behind real family, friends and fans to mourn their premature loss. Hindsight and insight show clear warning signs of impending doom. However, as is often the case, the reality television personality can no longer fake what has become real. When it gets to that point, unfortunately, it is really too late.

Opinion By Nelson Goodwin


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