Miami Police Arrest Babysitter in Severe Dog Attack of Toddler

Miami Police Arrest Babysitter in Severe Dog Attack of Toddler


Detectives with the Miami Police Special Victims Unit have arrested Eddson Aldenis Berrios for child neglect. Berrios, 39, is accused of failing to properly care for a 22-month-old toddler who was severely attacked by his dog while he was babysitting.

According to Miami police, the girl was being watched by Berrios on Feb. 27 of this year when she was bitten by a dog. Instead of providing immediate medical services to the victim, Berrios attempted to tend to the child’s wounds at home, which included multiple cuts and a broken bone.

After two hours, the babysitter realized that the wounds were more serious than he could address and he phoned the mother of the girl. He then took the girl to pick up her mother. They drove past one hospital before arriving at Miami Children’s Hospital 3 1/2 hours after the injuries occurred.

During the investigations, Miami police detectives also learned that Berrios had initially lied about how the girl was bitten, saying that the bites were from a stray dog the child had received while he was holding her in his arms at a park near his home. He later admitted to police that he had made up the story; that the dog who bit the girl was his own dog and that the girl had been bitten at his home. According to the official complaint, Berrios admitted to police that he initially lied because he was afraid.

Berrios has been charged with one count each of child neglect, child neglect (medical services) and giving a false report to law enforcement. He is being held without bond pending an initial court appearance.

By Jennifer Pfalz

Miami Police Department Press Release
Miami Police Department Complaint/Arrest Affidavit

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  1. Why does this sound EXACTLY like the denial of pit bull owners. Bet you $5 the dog was a fight breed…ie pit or rottie.

    • No comment from the dogsbite trolls after it’s been verified it wasn’t a pit bull? Does very his poor child not matter to you now?

    • If you look at his facebook page (Eddson Berrios), there is a couple of pics of a pit bull from 2011. I don’t know if it’s the same dog. I’m curious why so many keep saying it’s NOT a pit bull. I can’t find ANY news report that lists the breed of the dog. Personally, i think that’s poor reporting. I think it’s important info in keeping these attacks down. I would like to ask the reporters to do us a favor and list the breed.
      Also, to those saying they are banned… Just because they are banned in Miami does not mean there aren’t some people who will still keep them.

  2. Of course it was some pit bull type, otherwise they would have told the breed. If any other kind of dog had done this, it would be big news. Pit bull types are doing this every day, so when a pit bull does it, it’s not news any more.

    • The reality just hit dogsbite trolls so they disappeared. The reality is the police and local news have confirmed it was not a pit bull, and BECAUSE it wasn’t a pit bull, the breed wasn’t mentioned in this article and the story wasn’t picked up nationally. Other victims don’t matter to dogsbite or media.

  3. I feel for this child. I hope she has a speedy recovery. Why are there always people who foam at the mouth in hopes of a new dog attack so they can say it was a pitbull whether it really was or not? Viciousness really comes out when people don’t have to see one another face to face. Cowards.

    • You feel for this child.

      Do you feel for the next child, or the next dog victim who will meet a good “attack for no reason, immediately do damage” pit?

      Shh, don’t talk about it. Pretend it doesn’t happen.

  4. He should have taken this child to the ER, regardless of who owned the dog. That poor child had to suffer for 3 1/2 hrs with a broken bone as well as her other injuries. Hopefully the dog will be PTS. These kind of attacks shouldn’t get a pass.

  5. Just because pits are banned does not mean it’s not a pit.

    Dog fighting is illegal. So there’s no dog fighting?

    Illegal pits have killed a child last year in Dade Co. Javon Dade Jr (like the county) died when attacked by illegal pits.