Love Has No Labels: Powerful Message in a Viral Video

Love Has No Labels: Powerful Message in a Viral Video [Video]


In a powerful new video, the Ad Council created a way to send a message, that love has no labels, and with over one million views, it seems that most agree. The short film was shot on Valentines Day of this year, 2013, and opens with views of the Santa Monica California landscape. While people gather in front of a black screen, they have no idea just how much what they are about to see will touch their lives.

For the viewer of this video, the message is just as powerful, with She Keeps Me Warm, by Mary Lambert playing in the background, it can bring one to tears. The viewer soon finds out that the black screen is actually a giant X-Ray machine, and as the couples behind the screen, kiss, hug, and dance, the audience’s attention is held rapt throughout. The difference between this and other messages of tolerance, is seeing the love first, without seeing the people expressing it, makes for a judgement free zone.

It begins with two skeletons kissing, and when they walk out from behind the screen, what appeared to be a man and a women, was actually two women. The love between them is apparent, whether seen as skeletons or people. The audience reaction is priceless, as people go from confusion to acceptance of the two young women. The message on the screen becomes “love has no gender.” This video touches on interracial couples, people with disabilities, and older couples, with labels of “love has no race” to no disabilities. It is truly a message of pure love, and how if people do not see the human form, but only see the expression of their love, then people become accepting, as people should be even once they know of their true color, gender, age or disability.

The makers of this video even touched on one of the worlds hot buttons today, religion, and how behind the screen, there is no religion, just friendships. They showed a Jewish man and a Muslim man, shake hands as skeletons, and once they come out, viewers find out that they are neighbors, and good friends. Much like the two women, one dressed in Catholic attire, while the other is in  traditional India garments, both are just friends, and behind the X-Ray machine, they are just two people, not two religions, and proof that love takes on make shapes.

While most people believe that they are not prejudiced, many people are prone to making judgement’s of others based on their looks alone. Judging others based on gender, age, or whatever it may be is the basis for this video, to show that we are all the same on the inside. Love truly should not be labeled and this is the point the Ad Council is making with this clip.

The Love Has No Labels campaign is working to stop the bias and judgement of others based strictly on age, race, gender, religion or disability. They believe that the people of the world have the power to stop discrimination, and to stand up for what is right. They are standing up for those that are turned down for jobs, those that are treated differently due to their sexual preference, their weight, their religion, and making others look at each other for what they are….People! Love is love, no matter what is on the outside, and that is a powerful message that every person needs to hear.

by Kristi Cereska

US Magazine
Love Has No Labels