Liza Minnelli Enters Rehab for Substance Abuse

Liza Minnelli Enters Rehab for Substance Abuse


Liza Minnelli has entered into a rehab facility, according to a rep of hers, Scott Gorenstein, and she is being treated there for substance abuse. Though the early reports are not, as yet, confirmed, several sources, like TMZ, have stated that Minnelli entered rehab to find help in fighting her personal battle with alcoholism.

Liza Minnelli, who is 69, has dealt with her battle against alcoholism for years, and the actress and singer has been open about her addiction, discussing it in a 2009 interview with Dateline NBC. According to Minneli’s rep, she is already making “progress” and he added that “whenever she has needed to seek treatment she has done so.” The rep did not disclose the name of the rehab facility, but according to other sources, it is located in Malibu.

Also, according to People, Scott Gorenstein said that Liza Minnelli is doing so well at the rehab facility that, in his words, “we expect that she’ll be released shortly.”

Prior to Liza Minnelli’s entering into rehab, her most recent relapse was in 2004. Her mother, actress Judy Garland, also battled against addiction, a disease that often runs in families. Through all of her personal problems and fighting against her personal demons, Liza Minnelli has continued to sing and act in front of audiences and entertain them.

Liza Minnelli stated in the NBC interview that the disease is difficult to fight against, “but you can fight it with information and with clarity.”

Though Liza Minnelli’s most famous role will probably always be thought of as when she played Sally Bowles in Cabaret and won an Oscar in 1973, she also has a great sense of humor and proved it by playing the loopy character of Lucille Austero, a.k.a. Lucille 2, in the sitcom Arrested Development.

In the humorous TV series, Liza Minnelli’s character battles against an entirely different ailment, namely, vertigo. She ends up sleeping with at least three members of the Bluth family. A lot of the comedy that results is, in part, due to the fact that the name of the matriarch of the family is also Lucille.

Liza Minnelli is also known for her singing of classic songs like Maybe This Time. Besides her role of Lucille Austero in Arrested Development, Minnelli has been featured in reality programs like Dancing on Ice in 2014 and So You Think You Can Dance, which ran from 2006 to 2014.

Being the daughter of a famous actress like Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli has been in the spotlight literally from birth. Her marriage and divorce from her fourth husband, David Gest, became the subject of media headlines after Gest publicly talked about how they would have have alcohol-related fights during their rocky marriage to each other.

Many media sources have speculated that Liza Minnelli might, at some level, be repeating the tragic events that ultimately led to her mother’s death of a drug overdose in 1969. Minnelli, however, seems determined not to have her life be a repeat of what happened to her mother, Judy Garland, as she has sought treatment for her addiction to alcohol and painkillers in the past.

Actress and singer Liza Minnelli has entered rehab in Malibu in her ongoing battle against substance abuse, according to reports. Her rep, Scott Gorenstein, said that she is doing well, all things considered, and is making “progress.” Hopefully before too long, Liza Minnelli will be back entertaining audiences with her still impressive singing and acting skills.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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