Koch Industries Mimic the Petroleum Industry

Koch Industries Mimic the Petroleum Industry


It’s a direct insult to America’s working class that the Koch brothers would have the audacity to advertise on television praising themselves and their companies. In an obvious attempt to shroud the fact that the buy elections for their personal benefit, they are assuming that the majority of Americans do not know who they are. The petroleum industry advertises in a failed attempt to convince Americans that they care about our country and the environment; now the Koch brothers are attempting the same strategy.

The Koch brothers are the third and fourth richest persons in the United States. Purchasing candidates and securing elections for themselves may help them rise to the number one and two spots; that is their real motive.

The 60 second ad is filled with Americana, and features actors who portray smiling and proud employees of Koch Industries. The brothers said that their purpose for creating the commercial was to attract employees. And I’ve got a bridge…

This is the real business of Charles and David Koch. Conservatives seeking election in the 2014 midterms received unprecidented assistance from the Koch brothers. They paid for approximately 44,000 political ads through six non-profit organizations whose purpose is to elect candidates who are ‘friendly’ to the cause of the Koch brothers; making more money. The North Carolina Senate race benefitted from more than 8,600 ads alone.

How can such wealthy individuals be allowed to buy elections? Thanks to a biased Republican dominated Supreme Court, in January 2010, SCOTUS upheld ‘Citizens United.’ On the surface it sounds as though it was a good idea; you would be very, very, wrong. It is the second worst thing to happen to American voters since the law which created the Electoral College.

SCOTUS declared corporations to be ‘persons.’ This removed them from campaign contribution limitations. The ‘party of the rich’ was given the opportunity to put ‘for sale’ signs on their House and Senate seats.

Today evidence was revealed that the Koch brothers pay scientists to deny climate change. Among their business ventures are refining, chemical and pipeline companies, some of the most environmentally damaging industries in the nation. A Senate committee sent Koch Industries a letter requesting information about alleged efforts to seek research denying climate change. The same letter was sent to 100 other companies involved in fossil fuels. They refuse to cooperate.

The Koch brothers have announced that they will spend over $1 billion during the 2016 presidential election.

When they place ads on television, their intent must be questioned. The ads they will purchase for conservative candidates will not be pleasant and include a semblance of patriotism. They will be attack ads, criticizing every progressive from the President to Democrats running for a seat in the House.

Their biggest focus will undoubtedly be on probable presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Candidates supported by the Koch brothers are unqualified to live in the White House; they cannot be elected without destroying their opposition.

I suppose that if you believe the petroleum companies, you’ll believe the Koch brothers as well. Birds of a feather; well, you know the rest.

Commentary by James Turnage


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  1. When will science agree it’s as proven as gravity is, just like how Joe Biden says? Will it be too late when they finally agree beyond their laughable 99% certainty so as to put an end to this costly debate? How close to unstoppable warming will science lead us, it’s been 34 years of climate action failure!