Kelly Clarkson Responds to Rude ‘Fat-Shaming’ Comments

Kelly Clarkson Responds to Rude ‘Fat-Shaming’ Comments


Kelly Clarkson has responded to the rude fat-shaming comments that were made recently by Katie Hopkins, a woman who has been labeled Britain’s “most-hated woman.” Hopkins tweeted the remarks about Kelly Clarkson’s weight after she saw the Heartbreak Song singer on The Graham Norton Show.

Among the rude comments that Katie Hopkins made, she wondered in one tweet if Kelly Clarkson had eaten “all of her backing singers?” She also said that, as Clarkson had her baby a year ago now, her extra weight should not any longer be considered to be “baby weight,” but rather “carrot cake weight.” Talk about a “Me-ow” with a capital “M.”

Kelly Clarkson, 32, did not know, when Hopkins first made the rude fat-shaming comments, that she was being bullied, as she does not follow her on Twitter. She heard about it first when the subject was brought up by a reporter from Heat magazine.

However, when Kelly Clarkson did finally hear about what Hopkins had been tweeting, she responded in a positive way, but affirming “I’m awesome,” and saying that “It doesn’t bother me. It’s a free world.” She added that she is “happy and I’m confident and feeling good, that’s always been my thing,” and also that, not counting her family, “I don’t seek out any other acceptance.” Being “a good mom” is, according to Clarkson, her greatest ambition.

Kelly Clarkson’s positive and self-affirming response has not stopped Katie Hopkins from making yet further rude fat-shaming comments, though. She said to a reporter from ET that Kelly Clarkson was “a chunky monkey.” She also commented that her remarks were coming from a good place, and she said that we sometimes “give fat really cute names,” to make it seem to be not so bad, like love handles, puppy fat, and muffin top. Hopkins said that the reason why Kelly Clarkson’s fans are supporting her is “because everybody likes to have a fat friend.” Hopkins added that having a fat friend “makes you feel slimmer.”

Katie Hopkins even criticized Kelly Clarkson’s baby daughter, River Rose. Hopkins said that Clarkson should let her daughter know “it’s not great to be fat. It’s much better to be healthier.” Ouch….

Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, welcomed their first child together, River Rose, into the world last year, in June. Clarkson did not know who Katie Hopkins was, until she was informed about what Hopkins had been saying about her in tweets.

Katie Hopkins, who writes for the U.K. tabloid The Sun, has written some rude and mean-spirited comments about other celebs in the past, and she has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, and The Apprentice.

Kelly Clarkson has taken the rude fat-shaming that Katie Hopkins has done in stride, and she told Heat magazine that she has “just never cared what people think.” Clarkson said that it is “a free world.” She does not let what anyone else might say interfere with her positive attitude and outlook on life. Kelly Clarkson has other things on her mind that she considers to be more important than worrying about what others think of her, like being a good mom to her daughter, spending time with her family, and continuing to make great music.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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