Jon Hamm Completes Rehab Stay for Alcohol Addiction

Jon Hamm Completes Rehab Stay for Alcohol Addiction


Actor Jon Hamm, who plays troubled advertising executive Don Draper in the hit AMC series, Mad Men, completed a 30-day stay for alcohol addiction. Hamm famously stated in a 2012 interview with the Daily Mail that he does not drink as much alcohol as his character, Don Draper, does, saying that he “would be unconscious if I did.” Yet, he was reportedly drinking a bourbon on the rocks as he was being interviewed.

According to a report by the Associated Press, a spokesman for actor Jon Hamm, 44, publicist Annett Wolf, said that he was able to complete the treatment he sought for his alcohol addiction with the help “of his longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt.” Hamm, who has been nominated for seven Emmys for playing the alcoholic, womanizing Don Draper, completed the treatment around the end of February.

The treatment facility that Jon Hamm was in for a period of 30 days, according to TMZ, was Silver Hills Hospital. It caters to a “high-end” type of clientele, and has an affiliation with Yale University. The rehab facility is located in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Mad Men will be airing its the second half of its seventh and final season, after being on TV for eight years, this spring, beginning on April 5. Jon Hamm has stated that acting in the series has been a “constant” in his life. In some ways, actor Jon Hamm said he will be “happy” when the final episodes air, but he also realizes that starring in a series like Mad Men is something that he “will never be able to have,” again.

Golden Globe winner, Jon Hamm, appears on the cover of April’s issue of GQ. Outwardly, Hamm seems to be a person who has everything in his life together. He has tried to point out the many differences between himself and the character he plays, Don Draper, in past interviews.

Of course, there are many differences between the two, but they both do seem to be similar in that they are both addicted to alcohol. The extent to which they imbibe may be different, and the good news for fans of Jon Hamm and Mad Men is that he sought out professional assistance for his addiction to alcohol.

Though Jon Hamm realized, before it was too late, that he has an addiction to alcohol and he went into rehab to be treated for it, he has stated before that “I love the place that alcohol holds in our society.” He also has mentioned that he used to smoke, like Draper does in Mad Men, but now he and the cast smoke “herbal cigarettes,” while shooting scenes for the show. He still thinks of smoking cigarettes and having three-martini lunches as being “glamorous,” but it is a lifestyle that also comes with often heavy costs.

Jon Hamm completed his stay in rehab for his alcohol addiction this past February. Playing the womanizing, alcohol addicted character of Don Draper has brought actor Jon Hamm a certain degree of fame. Like the rest of the cast of Mad Men, Hamm has stated that he will miss acting in the series, playing a role that he has lived with for so many years. Jon Hamm’s terrific acting in his portrayal of Draper has earned him Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe win. Fortunately, Jon Hamm, with the help of his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Westfeldt, got the treatment he needed, though alcohol addiction is a battle that sufferers have to fight on a daily basis.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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