Jason Alexander Will Take Over From Larry David in ‘Fish’

Jason Alexander Will Take Over From Larry David in ‘Fish’


Jason Alexander will take over from Seinfeld co-creator, Larry David, in the Broadway play, Fish in the Dark, for a six-week run beginning June 9 at the Cort Theater. It is fitting that he take over the role, as Alexander has credited Larry David with having taken him from Broadway to playing David’s alter ego, George Costanza, on Seinfeld. Now, Larry David will be bringing things, as it were, full circle, by bringing Jason Alexander back to Broadway, to replace him, beginning in June.

Fish in the Dark has been both a success with the ticket-buying public and with critics. Tickets to see the play have proven to be difficult to score, and most of the performances so far have been sold out. Despite Larry David’s statement that, with Jason Alexander taking over his role in June, he will be able to finally “enjoy the show,” he must be proud and happy that his play has been doing so well.

Larry David wrote many of the lines for Jason Alexander on Seinfeld. David has nothing but praise for Alexander’s portrayal of George Costanza, calling his performances “brilliant” and “indelible.” In his often self-deprecating manner, David said that the cast of the hit Broadway play “will be relieved to be working with a professional.”

Jason Alexander will be coming full circle when he makes his return to Broadway to take over Larry David’s role as Norman Drexel. He points out that Larry David changed the course of his life and career by offering him the role of George Costanza 25 years ago. The Seinfeld star issued a statement that he is “thrilled” that he will “get to do this hilarious play for him and with this wonderful cast.”

Tony Award-winning actor, Jason Alexander, had a wealth of experience starring in Broadway plays before Larry David cast him to play George Costanza. Jason Alexander has starred in plays such as Broadway, written by Jerome Robbins, and the Neil Simon hit, Broadway Bound. He won his Tony for his performance in Broadway.

Larry David’s character, Norman Drexel, which Jason Alexander will be inheriting, is based, at least to an extent, on David’s own life. David notes, “As with most things I write, the main character sounded exactly like me.” Larry David’s final performance as Drexel in Fish in the Dark will be on June 7, 2015.

According to Deadline and other sources, that date was originally supposed to be the final performance of Fish in the Dark. The Broadway play has been such a success that an additional six weeks has been tacked on to its run, with Seinfeld actor, Jason Alexander, taking over Larry David’s role.

Jason Alexander, whose real name is Jason Greenspan, changed his name while he was still attending high school in New Jersey. He has appeared in many movies, as well as on Broadway and as George Costanza on Seinfeld. For example, Alexander was in the movie, Pretty Woman, and he did the voice of Cosmo in the TV animated movie, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

With Larry David exiting his role as Norman Drexel in the smash Broadway play, Fish in the Dark, there would have perhaps been no one who could quite manage to take over the role as well as the brilliant actor, Jason Alexander. His career has been greatly influenced by Larry David, who took him from Broadway to portray George Costanza in Seinfeld. Jason Alexander’s return to the Broadway stage this June 9 will, no doubt, be a triumphant one.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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