Independent Challenge to Republicans

Independent Challenge to Republicans


Independents can very easily be the one group which actually selects a new president in 2016. Hillary Clinton has yet to impress me, and not a single member of the TEA Party or a Republican has persuaded me that they would be any different than George W. Bush, John McCain, or Mitt Romney. I do have some advice for Republicans; stop allowing stupid people and radicals to speak at your conventions. It makes your whole party appear ignorant. The working class continues to hear that the GOP only represents wealthy Americans.

Although I could go on and on about ‘the Donald,’ he is so far out there I truly believe he is only allowed to speak because he partially funds CPAC, and also because he provides comic relief.

My focus is on two insignificant women. Neither will have any influence on the election, and both are so extreme that they are not only an embarrassment to the GOP, but to America. It seems to me that Republicans should give an opportunity to intelligent women in their ranks who would display to all voters that their party is concerned about women’s issues.

To allow a radio talk show host to express her radical views in front of true Republicans is unforgivable. If she symbolizes the standards of all Republicans, the party is in serious trouble.

Laura Ingraham is Rush Limbaugh’s twin sister. She is an attack dog, and has no other relevance to the GOP. And who did she choose to attack when she was allowed to speak at CPAC? Jeb Bush.

What is her problem with Bush? He is not extreme enough for her and those who listen to her diatribe on the radio. She dislikes his intelligence, governing experience and ability. His penchant to compromise and find palpable solutions to our nation’s problems are not what she wants. She is ‘Dr. Evil,’ and seeks world domination for the wealthiest of our citizens.

Ingraham alleges that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the same person, and if they are nominated by their respective parties, there would be no need for an election; they could be co-presidents.

Actually that’s not a bad idea. Something might actually be accomplished in Washington. Democrats would support many of Bush’s policies, and Republicans just might cease saying ‘no’ to every idea proposed by Democrats. And, if the truth be told, Jeb Bush may have been the biggest winner at CPAC. Although he only received eight percent of the straw vote, it is a far larger percentage than expected from an extreme right wing conference.

The other woman, who I hope and pray does not represent true Republicans, is a woman who failed her IQ test, and is apparently slipping from the limelight at most true Republican functions; the infamous Sarah Palin.

Palin was also allowed to speak at CPAC. Obviously she had nothing new or positive to say; however, many were surprised that she had no props, apparently lost some of her ‘twang,’ and spoke with less venom than we have come to expect. This may be a possible reaction to her diminishing fame. FOX has virtually eliminated her from their broadcasts, and other responsible Republicans have denounced many of her radical views.

Please don’t offer these two has-beens as model Republican women. The bar has been set very high by voters; we will no longer accept unqualified and uninformed individuals to represent the American people.

The Republican Party will not capture votes outside of their base unless it moves away from extremism. This is not a nation ruled by one party. The American people expect our legislators to work together; to deliberate and compromise. If the GOP continues to allow radicals to control its every move, voters will move more to the left, and Democrats may be able to not only elect another president, but also regain control of Congress.

Commentary by James Turnage


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