Have Dead Body, Will Travel

Have Dead Body, Will Travel


In what appears to be a bizarre story of self-defense, or not, one Florida man drove the body of another dead Florida man to his attorney’s office. John Marshall lives near Fort Myers in Cape Coral; his neighborhood is Bokeelia. It is a rural area where Marshall and his wife planned to build a home just off of a dirt road. They built a shed and left a camper on the property. They had a neighbor who wasn’t pleased with someone building in the area.

A few days ago Marshall and his neighbor, Theodore Hubbell, argued. Marshall called his attorney, Robert Harris. He was told to obtain a restraining order. After notifying the police, the order was not immediately issued.

On Wednesday Marshall was once again allegedly confronted by Hubbell; this time he had a hand gun. Marshall claimed that Hubbell fired at him but missed. Marshall attempted to take the gun away from the 65-year-old man but was hit in the mouth with the weapon’s handle. They continued to struggle. During the struggle Marshall claimed that the revolver discharged again killing Hubbell. Marshall placed Hubbell’s body in his truck and drove to his attorney’s office.

After arriving at his attorney’s office, Harris called the police. Officers observed that the 52-year-old Marshall had a missing tooth, a chipped tooth, and a swollen lip. Both of his thumbs also appeared to be broken.

Marshall drove to his attorney’s office because he said ‘he didn’t know who else to trust.’ After police questioned Marshall, he was released Thursday without being charged for a crime.

Neighbors in the Bokeelia area claim to be afraid of Marshall. The say that they don’t want a killer living in their neighborhood.

Marshall is facing charges for an incident at a McDonald’s which occurred on September 23rd of last year. A man said that he was intentionally struck by a pickup in the parking lot after an argument over a parking space. He took down the license number. The surveillance camera substantiated the man’s story and Marshall was arrested for ‘aggravated battery,’ using a vehicle as a weapon.

Friends and neighbors dispute Marshall’s claim that Hubbell was the aggressor. They said that he was timid and practiced Buddhism.

A neighbor who purchased a home in Bokeelia four years ago said that Hubbell was a good neighbor who helped him take care of his grass after moving into the area. After Hubbell told him about the argument with Marshall, he advised him to keep his gun, for which he had a permit, in his truck.

Hubbell’s wife said that the original disagreement was related to an outhouse that Marshall maintained near the property line. Hubbell had asked Marshall to move it because of the smell. Marshall refused and called the police.

According to neighbors the first dispute began earlier. Marshall was ‘clear-cutting’ his property and burying gopher tortoise burrows. Hubbell uncovered them and the disagreements began as Marshall reburied them.

Marshall is presently staying with friends and avoiding the media. Police have not indicated if they will proceed with further investigation.

By James Turnage


The Guardian



Photo Courtesy of Ben Andreas Harding

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