Greenhouse Gases Should Be Reduced by 40 Percent on Orders by Obama

Greenhouse Gases Should Be Reduced by 40 Percent on Orders by Obama


With major concerns over climate control, though many think global warming is a hoax, the president in his new initiative is demanding that the federal government reduce their greenhouse gases by at least 40 percent. Stating that the goal of reducing by 40 percent was ambitious, but achievable, Obama gave the orders while in a meeting at the Energy Department in Washington, on Thursday. Whether the federal government will actually be able to achieve these goals anytime soon is unknown, but Obama states that cutting greenhouse gases will help to reduce the cost of energy from the year 2008. As countries in the world are working seriously to reduce greenhouse gases, Obama is hoping this move will help all countries gets serious about the issue.

Global warming may or may not be directly affecting our planet, depending on what a person believes. But it is clear that climate change has occurred, as temperatures are often changing as each year goes by. More than ever, countries are working to reduce their emissions from factories so that fewer greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. Countries like China and Europe have been leading the fight against greenhouse gases, along with the United Nations whose Climate talks are infamous is working to inform on the issue and create effective solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gases. However, one of the biggest issues, and one that was yet to be seriously addressed until Thursday, was the amount of emissions put out by federal lands in the United States.

As the Obama administration has been working to decrease the threats to climate control, since his induction into office, it is only fitting that he is taking a larger step toward minimizing the threat. According to reports from the Center for American Progress, federal lands and waters accounted for 24 percent of emissions of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases from coal combustion on federal lands accounted for 57 percent. This information was from the year 2012, but as other reports have shown that emissions have rose every year, it is fitting to assume that this number could be higher today, than it was in 2012.

Regardless of the numbers, it is clear that threats to climate control need to be minimized, so President Obama has stepped up and ordered the change to be made. If the U.S. can reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases by 40 percent, it could be a major step in reversing global warming. If all of countries follow suit, it could mean a better, healthier atmosphere. Each supplier of major energy, as well as technological companies like GE, HP, Northrup Grumman, and IBM, are expected to provide reports on how much emissions of greenhouse gases that they expect to cut and how they expect to do so.

As well, Obama’s executive order demands that the government increase their use of renewable energy sources by 30 percent. This, along with reduction of greenhouse gases by 40 percent, will help U.S. taxpayers to reduce their costs on energy by $18 billion dollars, over the next ten years, according to statements made at the meeting. Obama also stated at the meeting that reducing greenhouse gases will keep 26 million metric tons of gases out of the atmosphere. As pollution of the air has also been a major concern over the last several years, this move could prove to be more helpful to U.S. citizens, especially as the World Health Organization said in 2013 that air pollution was the leading cause of lung cancer.

Though some reports show that the federal government is only responsible for a portion of greenhouse gases, compared to other non-federal companies, it is clear that they are in fact responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases, and Obama has now ordered them to cut them by at least 40 percent. As he continues to work on managing threats to the climate control, those who do believe in global warming can hope for progress now, as Obama’s executive order has demanded such. Of course, every U.S. citizen can also take part in helping to reduce greenhouses gases put into the air, by doing their part in conserving energy, burning less fuel, and even recycling. But as U.S. News put it, what Obama plans to do in reducing gases by 40 percent, would take the emissions of 5.5 million cars. Obama’s 40 percent will do a large part in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, if it is successfully done.

By Crystal Boulware


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