Glenn Beck Leaving the Republican Party?

Glenn Beck Leaving the Republican Party?


It seems the Grand Old Party has lost another member, as Glenn Beck announced publicly that he was leaving the republican party. Angered by the actions that he believes the party has taken in “torpedoing the constitution, and…doing it knowingly,” Beck said that he is officially done with the GOP and recommended that others run from the party because “they are not good.” Could this be the political rant of a man whose tirelessly discussed the flaws of government for years, or is Beck seriously considering taking roots in a different political side? And if he is no longer belonging to the Republican party, and he does not favor Democrats either, does that make him an Independent?

Many questions are surrounding the announcement of radio host Glenn Beck that he would no longer involve himself with the Republican party. With his conservative views, Beck has been favoring the party for many years, supporting traditional American values, even though critics claim his theories are conspiracies. In his recent statements he declared that he was done with the GOP, because of their inability to fight back against Obama’s executive orders on healthcare and immigration, among other things. He stated that he would not give them a dime.

But, according to sources, this is not the first time that Beck has made such statements regarding his exiting of the party. In fact, he has made headlines many times for his regards toward Republicans, including his ongoing fight with Grover Norquist. Beck seems set in his ways and his views, bashing the Republican party for any moves they make that meets his disapproval.

In an Beckepisode in January of last year, Beck said then that he was done with the GOP. He described his opportunity to address a Republican dinner, though he stated he turned it down because he was “not a GOP guy.” He then went to the dinner, anyway, but in his address he made slanderous remarks about many Republicans. In his remarks he summarized the same statements he is making now, stating that they have not acted forcefully enough against President Obama.

His other representations of disliking the Republican Party have been in spades. Sources report that after Obama’s second inauguration Beck wore a lab coat on camera, holding a gurney and displaying videos of dying elephants (the symbol for the Grand Old Party). Because of this many are stating that his announcement to exit the Republican party is nothing but drama. But statements made by Beck, during the recent episode in which he announced being done with the party, reflect that he was in it for change, stating that he feels it is too late, now.

As the best selling author of several political books, Glenn has said plenty against the Republican party. It is clear that he does not agree with many of their actions, though he does strongly support many Republicans individually, but as he has made many statements similarly, all eyes are on Beck to see if he is serious about ending his relationship with the Republican party, or if he is once again blowing off steam. Perhaps if the next election puts a Republican in the White House, Beck will change his mind. Until then, he is supposedly done with them.

By Crystal Boulware


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