Chris Brown Officially Off Probation in Rihanna Assault Case

Chris Brown Officially Off Probation in Rihanna Assault Case


R&B singer, Chris Brown, is officially off his five years of probation he received in the assault case against his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. Now, he can legally travel outside of the country and tour, without the permission of the court, and he can put an ugly page in his life behind him. On Friday, Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin ruled that Breezy had completed his required amount of community service and stated that the felony case against Chris Brown was closed.

Chris Brown’s case could have gone the other way, had the probation department stuck with a recommendation that he should receive jail time. However, according to TMZ, the probation department decided against recommending that Brown be given time behind bars. Instead, TMZ reported that Brown’s probation officer submitted a “glowing report to the judge,” adding that he had “done all of his community service.”

Chris Brown, 25, thanked “the Lord” in a joy-filled tweet he posted to his Twitter account on Friday. on June 22, 2009, Brown pleaded guilty to having assaulted and beaten up his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, the night before he was scheduled to appear at the Grammys, in a Lamborghini he had rented. He asked his fans and Twitter followers “to pray for me,” that it would be his “last day in court.”

Chris Brown also had plenty of thanks and gratitude to give to his lawyer, Mark Geragos, who had stuck with him through thick and through thin over the years. The singer managed to escape jail time, and had been sentenced to performing six months’ of community service and five years’ worth of probation, along with the requirement that he take a year-long domestic-violence course.

According to Chris Brown’s attorney, Geragos, he said that he “couldn’t be prouder,” of his client. Accomplishing meeting all of the requirements, Geragos stated, marked “a monumental feat” for chris Brown.

While Chris Brown, looking at the face of it, got off without receiving a very harsh sentence, it has taken him over six years to meet all of the requirements that the court imposed on him. He also received some jail time, along the way to fulfilling the requirements, due to having violated his probation.

It took Chris Brown several years of his life to complete the court imposed requirements and also to finally get off of the probation that the judge who heard his case had ordered, but he is now free to travel abroad without restrictions placed on him. That should be a big help whenever Brown might decide to do any future world tours.

With singer Chris Brown now officially off of probation, as of Friday, he thanked God in a tweet. He now can, once again, do international tours. Though it took Chris Brown over six years to fulfill all of the requirements of his probation, and he has had problems in the interim with anger issues and a shooting that occurred at a nightclub he performed at, if everything goes well, Brown is through with his days of having to appear in court.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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