Choir Boi Cam Announces Plan to Launch a Performing Arts Camp

Choir Boi Cam Announces Plan to Launch a Performing Arts Camp


Choir Boi Cam is a gospel music artist who has  launched an innovative More Than Music Tour,  which began in South Carolina last week.  Choir Boi Cam is a Gospel Award Winning artist at just 16-years-old, and 2013’s SC Music Awards Artist of the Year. He is also nominated in five different categories for the 2015 Gospel Awards, for which voting begins on November 1, 2015. This newest of  tours will reach out to schools and non-profit organizations targeting today’s youth. The message being sent is one of diversity, and anti-bullying along with positive thinking and entrepreneurial skills.  The tour is partnering with a short film crew, L and Zeke Media group. The film Core will be featured at each stop of the tour, and the film’s director, Fonseca Woodruff will be available for questions. Last Spring Choir Boi was involved with the launch of the event, Heal Your Core and are staunch advocates of the anti-bullying portion of this campaign. The schools will be able to keep a copy of the short film to be used for educational purposes, for future students.

Choir BoiThe week of February 27, 2015 will be the kick off of Choir Boi Cam’s, Take Over Tour in Atlanta Georgia. The headliner of the show is R & B star Syleena Johnson, who has recently released a much anticipated album, Chapter 6: Couples Therapy. Johnson is multi-talented, and not only does she have an award winning singing career, but has also made appearances on television, such as R & B Divas of Atlanta. This will be a red carpet event and plays from 5-9pm at the Social Haven on Bennett St in North West Atlanta. Fans are anticipating this concert to be an uplifting, positive experience, filled with messages of love, tolerance and peace.

March will be the beginning of Choir Boi Cam’s  Pursue Your Dream concert and will be performed free of charge, with local colleges participating, targeting young adults, and helping them to apply to college. In April Cam will be in Jamaica for the Prayze Factor Peoples Choice Awards, with two scheduled, and anticipated concerts by the Island Youth Explosion. July will bring Choir Boi Cam back to South Carolina for the launching of Camp Pizzazz, which is an arts and entertainment camp for kids six through 17-years-old. The Palmetto Cultural Arts Center of Willamston will be housing this event. Registration begins March 15, 2015.

Choir Boi Cam has taken the music industry by storm, and has brought a new and youthful energy to gospel music. His sound is clean and hip and is getting the attention of today’s youth, in a good way. Kids are not the only ones sitting up and taking notice, Choir Boi Cam is making his mark as strong force in the gospel music community. Taking his energy and message to area schools is just another innovative way to spread the word of anti-bullying, diversity, and entrepreneurship to kids. From his ability to play multiple instruments, to his messages that are grounded in his background and musical upbringing, Choir Boi just keeps giving back to his community.

By Kristi Cereska

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