Boehner Passing the Buck

Boehner Passing the Buck


John Boehner is not qualified to be the Speaker of the House, or run a lemonade stand for that matter. He has obviously never looked at his job description, and most certainly has no ability to open and honestly debate the issues facing our nation. Instead of facing the funding of the Department of Homeland Security directly, he is passing the buck to President Obama. The Senate is controlled by Republicans as well, but they came to an agreement. The House is out of control.

Boehner’s biggest problem is that he lies to the American people knowing full well that they are aware of the truth. Appearing on ‘Face the Nation’ Sunday he was asked about infighting within the GOP. He said there was no infighting, and although there were disagreements, they were simply “arguments over tactics.”

Who is he trying to kid? Anyone who follows the political debacle in Washington is fully aware that moderate Republicans in the House continually disagree with the TEA Party. Boehner is allowing a small number, between 50 and 80, to control the entire legislative body.

I am certain that the majority of voters do not understand why our Congress is broken, and why it fails to do its job. The title and root of legislation is never the whole story. Attached to bills are amendments which rarely have any relationship to the reason for introducing the legislation. Everyone might remember an exposed ‘pork barrel’ amendment attached to the 2006 National Appropriations Bill. The purpose of the legislation was to cover transportation, housing and urban development for the following year. Republicans Don Young, and Ted Stevens, attached an amendment to the bill later labeled the ‘bridge to nowhere.’ Young represented Alaska in the House; Stevens in the Senate. The bridge would have replaced a ferry which affected approximately 50 of the state’s residents, and would have cost tax payers $398 million in construction costs.

This is the issue with funding the DHS. Attached to the original bill was a provision to defund the President’s executive order creating a path to legal residency for as many as five million illegal immigrants. The Senate removed the codicil, but the TEA Party has threatened to enter a move to ‘vacate the seat’ if it is removed from the House version; in other words, recall Boehner as the Speaker.

When are the grown-ups going to retake the House? And while they’re at it, depose Boehner and elect a Speaker who wants and knows how to do his or her job.

The House has been the problem for six years; Boehner has been the Speaker for four of those years. The 112th and 113th Congress’ went on record as the most ineffective and obstructionist in our nation’s history. Under Boehner’s guidance, the only efforts made by the House were to destroy the accomplishments of the President and his party.

The funding bill for the DHS was given a one-week extension. If it fails to pass, the onus will be on Republicans, specifically Boehner and his cronies in the House.

The truth is that Boehner is a leader. He leads a group of men and women who think party first, and pick their noses all day instead of doing their jobs; jobs you and I pay them to do.

Commentary by James Turnage


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