Bodies of Babies Hidden in Ceiling

Bodies of Babies Hidden in Ceiling


Why the bodies of two babies were hidden in the ceiling of a Gary, Indiana funeral home is a mystery. At this time there is not a suspicion of foul play, but authorities want to know why they were concealed.

One of the babies was apparently stillborn and appears to have been mummified. The second was a few months old and was still wearing a hospital bracelet which indicated it had been born in March 2012.

The assumption at this time is that the babies were collected by the funeral home but the families would not or could not pay for a proper funeral and burial.

The owners of the funeral home have promised to investigate the incident and will make a full report to the authorities.

If criminal charges are filed, it will likely be for improper disposal of a corpse. A full autopsy will be performed on both babies.

By James Turnage



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