Big Sean Scores Number One Album With ‘Dark Sky Paradise’

Big Sean Scores Number One Album With ‘Dark Sky Paradise’


Big Sean has a bonafide number one Billboard 200 hit on his hands with Dark Sky Paradise, which already has spawned a couple of big hit songs, Blessings and I Don’t F**k With You. The Detroit rapper, Big Sean, scored his first number one album ever with Dark Sky Paradise, which sold 173,000 units its first week out.

Rapper Big Sean had some help from a few of his fellow musical artists who agreed to collaborate with him on some of the tracks on Dark Sky Paradise. Kanye West is one of the executive producers of the album, and he also sings on a few of the tracks with Big Sean. Other musical artists who sing on the album include E-40, Chris Brown, Drake, John Legend, Jhene Aiko, and Ty Dolla Sign.

Previously, Big Sean has also had his last two albums in the Billboard Top Ten, Finally Famous and Hall of Fame. They debuted at the number three spot but neither album got any higher up the charts than that. Dark Sky Paradise finally managed to secure Big Sean the number one spot on the chart, thanks to his loyal fans.

The first hit off of Big Sean’s album, Dark Sky Paradise, was I Don’t F**k With You. That song is one that features fellow rapper E-40 on vocals with Big Sean. Blessings is poised to break into the Top 40. It features both Drake and Kanye West rapping with Big Sean.

Kid Rock’s latest album, First Kiss, debuted on the Billboard Top Ten chart in the second spot. First Kiss sold 146,000 copies. It is the highest-debuting album by Kid Rock since 2007, when the album Rock N Roll Jesus debuted at number one on the charts. All of Kid Rock’s albums have succeeded in debuting in the Billboard Top Ten.

Coming in third place on the Billboard Top Ten chart after the albums by Big Sean and Kid Rock was the soundtrack of the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. It sold 108,000 copies this past week, still remaining a big selling album.

At the fourth spot on the billboard Top ten chart was Drake’s album, which some people are calling more of a mix-tape, called If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. It is a terrific album that is continuing to do well.

Taylor Swift’s mega-hit album, 1984, is at the number five spot, still maintaining its hold on the Billboard charts. The album is filled with catchy songs and it is the biggest-selling album yet by Taylor Swift.

Fan of a Fan: The Album, by rapper Tyga and R&B artist, Chris Brown, also debuted on the Billboard Top Ten charts this past week, in the seventh spot, selling 67,000 units. The album marks Chris Brown’s seventh album that has been in the Top Ten within the time of less than ten years. They had both released a mix-tape together that was called Fan of a Fan a few years ago.

Smoke + Mirrors, the latest album by Imagine Dragons, debuted just last week in the number one spot on the Billboard Top Ten chart. This week, it almost totally fell out of the Top Ten. The Las Vegas band tenaciously held on at the number nine position on the chart, selling 55,000 copies to add to the 195,000 copies it sold during the album’s debut week.

Upon Dark Sky Paradise debuting at number one on the Billboard Top Ten chart, Big Sean tweeted out that he was “truly Blessed!” He has had some hard times in the past, but Big Sean seems to be getting over the rough places with the help of his friends, family, fellow musicians, and his girlfriend, Ariana Grande. This year is looking like a big breakout year for Big Sean.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo By _MG_1353Flickr License