Ban all Military Style Ammunition Sales to Civilians

Ban all Military Style Ammunition Sales to Civilians


Politics trumps common sense and what is right in America. And, like sheep being led to the slaughter house, far too many Americans agree with the insanity. The second amendment is safe; you can be sure of that. What isn’t safe is the attitude that anyone should be able to purchase weapons of mass destruction whenever they choose to do so, placing innocent people in danger. All sales of military style weapons and ammunition should be banned forever.

The gun nuts would like us to forget about Sandy Hook Elementary School, or a theater in Aurora, Colorado, and the murders outside of a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. They love their guns more than people. So what if small children die each year because of negligent gun owners; they’re simply collateral damage.

I have a plan. Let’s gather every member of the NRA Lobby and put them in a rural area. After the battle was over, the winner would get an assault rifle as the trophy. Kind of a ‘Hunger Games’ situation. I would enjoy the news coverage of that event.

The proof that the United States has become the most ignorant, egocentric and inhumane nation in the world is in direct relation to the number of guns owned by its citizens. Nine out of ten Americans own at least one firearm; second in the world is the war torn nation of Serbia with 69.7 per 100 people, and this nation attempted genocide.

I am not against anyone owning a firearm; but not just any weapon. The latest battle came at the request of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. It asked the President to ban armor-piercing bullets. Seems sensible, and that’s why Republicans are fighting it; their existence depends on the support of the ignorant. I doubt very much that any family will be forced to defend itself against a tank.

How un-American can one party be? Even most sensible gun owners believe in some restrictions. But they don’t have the money to fill the wallets of Republican legislators as does the NRA.

2016 Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul is leading the fight to prevent a ban on this lethal ammunition. He tweeted out a request to help him defeat the ATF and the President. Paul doesn’t believe in anything, he just wants your vote. He seeks flamboyant situations in an attempt to influence voters that he is ‘presidential.’ What the senator is, is a panderer and an opportunist.

Occasionally he appears to have moved away from his TEA Party brethren; but only when it’s convenient. He is far too extreme to represent the majority of the American people.

Who are the major supporters of universal gun ownership, other than the NRA? Although blacks are twice as likely to be victims of a homicide as whites, only 19 percent are gun owners, while Caucasians, (not including Hispanics), 41 percent own guns. Americans over 50 are the most likely to own guns at 40 percent. 49 percent of Republicans own at least one gun; only 22 percent of Democrats own a firearm.

Now I understand; Paul is pandering to the Republican base, which is primarily old white men. (But not this old white man).

I cannot think of one logical reason why a regular American citizen needs armor-piercing bullets. There I go again, reason has nothing to do with this issue.

Commentary by James Turnage


The Daily Beast

CBS News Washington


Pew Research

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    • That’s not going to change anything, as soon as there in, they just do the same thing, only a little slower. The time to vote ourselves out of this is over. Look at what this fool wrote, he truly believes it

    • This guy obviously wouldn’t know a gun from a hairdryer, like many of our politicians. This ammo was NOT designed to be armor piercing. There are numerous types of ammo out there that will slide right through body armor. Very, very few officers have been injured or killed while wearing vests with any of this ammo, but facts and statics mean nothing to thick headed politicians who have an agenda, which basically says “the hell with the 2nd Amendment and Constitution or the people”.
      They just want brownie points from Obama.
      I think one of the biggest dangers to the country is uninformed, ignorant, stupid politicians who don’t know crap about much of anything except how to line their pockets by using the system somehow.

  1. You obviosouly love your First Amendment right. Would you like it, if what said could be regulated? Well I enjoy my Second Amendment right. There have been many people that have used freedom of speech to entice rampages, murders and mass suicides. Just like a few evil people have miss used guns. From what you have written you are obiously of little knowledge of weapons and are what is known as “Hoping on the band wagon.”
    This article was not fact based, it was all opinion based with no valid facts. I can keep firing at all the wholes and problems with your article but I I don’t want to write an article longer than yours. I will however say, if you ban all military ammo then you effectively banned all guns due to the fact during WW1 the air force used 22 Hornet and .410 shotgun over under. Just about every caliber has been used by the millitary one time or another. Here some fuel for the fire, the lead free ammo California makes hunters use is technical more armor piercing than that M855 cartridge your crying about.

  2. “Nine out of ten Americans own at least one firearm”. Really? Are you serious? Let’s see…current US population is roughly 320 million. So you are saying that 288 million people own guns? Estimates now are that there are only about 300 million guns in the US. So you are saying that there are actually 288 million eligible people in the US, like over 21 yo, non-criminal, able to pass a NICS check, etc.? Riiiiiiiight! Hmmmm, that would mean there less than 42 million kids in this county (under 21). Are you actually going by these numbers? This is laughable.

    “I cannot think of one logical reason why a regular American citizen needs armor-piercing bullets.”
    Hmmm, let me change this a little bit and see if you agree.

    I cannot think of one logical reason why a regular American citizen NEEDS….
    a house over 2000 square feet
    a car that costs over $100,000
    to earn more than $100,000 a year
    to own more than 2 cars
    to own more than an acre of land
    to own a car that can go more than 100mph
    a protective detail of 17 former NYPD officers
    and on and on.

    Nobody really needs any of these things or a whole lot more. If we base things on need, then so many people will have to give up a lot.

    Or how about this statement, “So what if small children die each year because of negligent gun owners”

    So what if small children die each year because of negligent….pool owners, drivers, parents, government bureaucrats, etc.

    We can play this game all you want.

  3. The requirements a bullet must meet in order to legally be considered “Armor Piecing” are clearly spelled out in the law. M855 rounds do not meet these requirements. Anyone who claims that M855 rounds are in fact armor piercing is displaying extreme ignorance on the subject.

  4. Yo, genius – here’s why you CAN’T:

    “With obvious purpose to assure the continuation and render possible the effectiveness of such [militia] forces, the declaration and guarantee of the Second Amendment were made. It must be interpreted and applied with that end in view.” – United States v. Miller (No. 696) 26 F.Supp. 1002, reversed (1939)

    That, Mr. Turnage, is called Supreme Court PRECEDENT.

    That meticulously precise language forecloses any outrageous effort to ban so-called “military” ammunition.

    Precedent. It must be obeyed.

    Not what you wanted to hear, huh….

  5. They ain’t taking nobodies weapons, or ammo. They will posture and pontificate and get the useful idiots who have never even shot a firearm worked up. Then a bunch of people like Blomberg and Soros will fund more social justice and snitch on your neighbor programs. And in the end, states will keep relaxing gun laws, guns will continue to sell like hotcakes, and crime will *continue to trend downwards, nationwide.

  6. PRECEDENT yeah precedent that’s exactly why they want to ban M855 (will before they dropped it for now) then they could go after all ammo.Wonder why(aahmm) that they didn’t go after 7.62 NATO? since it can be fired from the same platform as will as 7.62×39?

  7. Mr. Turnage,

    You need to take a long, hard look at the article you just wrote, and reflect on yourself as a journalist. Journalists are supposed to write educated, well-researched pieces that inform the public, not speculative works that are specifically designed to create hysteria. Let’s even ignore the part where you complain about NRA members advocating violence, and then wish violence and death upon all of them. It is painfully obvious that you have done no research on the topic at hand, which is armor-piercing rounds. You claim that these rounds are not needed by civillians, because they penetrate tanks. Really? Tanks? If a small-arms round could penetrate a tank, tanks would be wildly obsolete. Armor piercing rounds are able to penetrate personal body armor, not tanks. And this is a moot point when applied to the safety of police officers, because any rifle round, armor piercing or not, is going to penetrate police body armor, because it is only designed to stop pistol rounds.

    Also, you throw around numbers that are simply made up. There has never been a single poll done that indicates that 90% of Americans are gun owners. You later site 45% of republicans owning guns. If only 45% of Republicans own guns, and 22% of Decomrats, then how do 90% of the country own them? You also seem to imply that since blacks own so few firearms, but make up such a large majority of firearm-related deaths, that white gun owners are killing these blacks. I bet 5 minutes on google will provide you with FBI statistics telling you otherwise.

    Please spend a few minutes actually checking your facts rather than contributing to the glut of “journalistic” pieces on the internet that are in fact just opinion, and serve only to create hysteria.


  8. I wish we lived in a world of “peace and love”…garden of Eden if you will, a world with no conflict or strife ( or ISIS). If this were the case I would turn all my weapons and ammo. We though do not live in such a world. As long as there is the ‘human’ variable in the equation there will be the need for such items…and I want the best and most lethal equipment I can attain.