What Options Do Game of Thrones Producers Have?

What Options Do Game of Thrones Producers Have?


With the news that A Song of Ice and Fire will not be finished in time for Game of Thrones, it has led to many wondering what options the producers have. It puts HBO and the show’s producers in a difficult spot, and shows why the show should not have been made until the all books were complete.

George R.R. Martin’s publisher announced last week that the sixth instalment, Winds of Winter, would not be released in 2015. It dashed hopes that the sixth book in the series would at least be shared before the sixth season next year, even if it would be difficult to release the seventh and final instalment before season seven in 2017.

There are limited options that the Game of Thrones producers now have. One of those is to hold off filming. However, this is unrealistic. The child actors are growing up faster than the characters in the books. Producers already made a change to character ages from the books, but holding off filming would presumably mean having to explain a time jump.

Realistically, the show needs to continue. It needs to share a new season each year, and the producers show no signs of deviating from that. So, it goes back to the question of what options the Game of Thrones producers really have.

One option would be for Martin to tell them the ending he has in mind. It would mean the show could continue in the way that it has done from the start. While some details have been changed, the majority of the storylines have remained on par with the book series. However, there are questions over whether Martin would want to tell the producers the ending. There are also debates from book readers over whether they want the show to spoil the ending.

A third option would be for the writers to create an original ending. By not having the books, new characters could be introduced and the writers could create something original and unique. However, there are downsides to this option. Martin may not want something like that to happen, since it would no longer be an adaptation of his books. At the same time, fans may not want to see a completely different ending.

While most book adaptations do follow the original storyline, creating something new and fresh has happened in the past. The Vampire Diaries took the main characters from the book series, but completely changed the show and storylines. It was widely accepted by fans of the books since it meant they could continue reading the books or watch the show without the fear of endings being spoiled.

The producers of Game of Thrones are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are many now seeing why the show should not have been created until the books were finished. Martin has a habit of taking his time to write, and it is justified considering how long and detailed the books are. However, it has led to the question of options the Game of Thrones producers now have.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham