Warren Commission a CIA Cover-up?

Warren Commission a CIA Cover-up?


The winter of 2015 will measure 51 years since the Warren Commission delivered its report regarding the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The 888 page document had a single conclusion; Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, no other individual and no other nation was involved. Conspiracy theories have never ceased, regardless of the report’s findings. They are sure to be raised again; new questions are being asked; was there a cover-up by the CIA?

Some of the more outrageous theories involved the Mafia ordering a hit on JFK because of his and his brother’s efforts to attack mob activities. Others believed that Fidel Castro ordered the death of our President. Another group pointed fingers at the CIA. Some actually believed that Lyndon Baines Johnson was directly involved.

The truth will die with the men and women how investigated JFK’s death, and the events which led up to that horrible day.

However, David Slawson was a young lawyer who became a part of the Warren Commission in January, 1964. He is now 83-years of age. The retired law professor now believes that he and the other members of the commission victims of a ‘massive cover-up.’

Slawson’s individual assignment within the Warren Commission was to investigate whether there was any involvement from a foreign nation in the assassination of President Kennedy. Until last year, he was certain that his reported findings were accurate. Recently he discovered that the CIA and other agencies withheld large amounts of information from his investigation. He has now determined that others were aware of Oswald’s plans before the shooting occurred. With the definition of ‘conspiracy,’ when at least two people conspire to commit a wrongful act, Slawson now is certain that a conspiracy did exist.

He does not believe any of the former theories recently mentioned in this article, or that Oswald was assisted by Texas oilmen or Southern segregationists. He does believe that although Oswald still remains the lone gunman who fired the rifle from that book depository building, he received aid from another individual, or another group of men.

Slawson now believes that the conspiracy began during a trip to Mexico by Oswald just weeks before the assassination. He theorizes that Oswald met with Cuban authorities and Mexican civilians who encouraged him to murder the President if he had such an opportunity. It is not implausible that Oswald received tactical and financial assistance while in Mexico.

Philip Shenon has written a book about the Kennedy assassination which has just been released in paperback. He began interviewing Slawson in 2013. Mr. Slawson says that the questions Shenon asked him led him to question the veracity of the Warren Commission Report himself. He now believes that the CIA was aware of the meetings in Mexico and hid the truth from the commission.

Shenon tells of multiple transcontinental trips to visit Slawson. He showed him thousands of pages of now unclassified material which were not available to him while he was conducting the investigation in 1964.

Mr. Shenon’s documentary, ‘A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination,’ is available now. In it the reader will find detailed information about all the interviews with Mr. Slawson.

By James Turnage





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  1. You’re swimming upstream James. I was 8 at the time. I’ve watched this all of my life as I knew at 8 that some was not right. My gut tells me that Johnson was the man in charge of the project. This man was truly an evil bastard that had no business in any leadership role in America. He epitomizes the level of corruption found in American politics today.

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