Twitter CEO Discusses Reasons for People Leaving

Twitter CEO Discusses Reasons for People Leaving


Twitter’s growth has stagnated and the CEO of the company has recently discussed the reasons for people leaving. Dick Colosto promises that things will turn around for the company, but 2015 already looks rocky. The last-quarter reports show that it only has a fifth of the number of users Facebook has.

According to the CEO, there are a number of reasons for users not signing up to Twitter. It is not the layout of the site, but the bullying that happens online. There have also been glitches with the likes of Apple that cost the site four million users.

Twitter CFO Antony Noto explained that there was an “unforeseen bug” after Apple’s iOS 8 was released. Apple’s latest operating system did have a number of problems, so it is possible that another bug occurred. However, Noto blames it for losing four million users, and broke down the figures.

According to reports, one million never reopened Twitter after downloading the new operating system. Some may have forgotten their passwords, which meant they could not log back in. The Reader section with Safari was blamed for three million users disappearing. Content was no longer automatically pinged to users like it was with iOS 7. It lead to the users no longer being classed as active.

It is worth pointing out that these three million people were not technically active users of the social media site, then. They automatically received updates, but never actually went into the app on their own accord.

Twitter CEO Costolo discussed the reasons for people leaving or not joining the site, and bully is one of them. It is no secret that Twitter is full of online trolls and hateful people. Many celebrities have decided to leave the site due to the hateful remarks they receive, with Lena Durham and Zelda Williams just two of them. Individuals do not want to deal with that on a daily basis.

In a company memo, Costolo admitted that the company sucks at “dealing with abuse and trolls.” It is something Twitter has never been very good about, and it is leading to people leaving. The only way to make people comfortable with using the site is by banning troll accounts and doing something about the actions of others. He wants to promote a site that invites civil discourse, but that will mean some considerably changes in the way things are run.

The company CEO is committed to turning the site around. He wants to create somewhere for people to enjoy, and has promised that he will get the user-base back up. One way of doing this is through new features. Shortly before the earning results last Thursday, Costolo announced the feature to upload 30-second video clips to the site. There is also the ability to highlight tweets that some people have missed while not being logged into the site. Trying to go through a long newsfeed is annoying for many, and they do not use the social media site in the same way they would the likes of Facebook or Google+. This may contribute to the reasons for people leaving Twitter, which CEO Costolo discussed recently.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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