The Glorious Irony of ISIS

The Glorious Irony of ISIS


The relentlessly horrific and murderous acts of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) weigh heavy upon the hearts of people worldwide. Although bestowing publicity upon this bloodthirsty group is just what they desire, awareness of the nature and scope of ISIS is necessary if there is any hope of putting an end to their campaigns of violence.

Contrary to the inclination to believe Islamic terrorism is a battle of earthly warfare, it is the clearest, most immediate example of global spiritual warfare. The nature of ISIS and all Islamic terrorism is religious before it is political – before it is anything else. The members of ISIS are submitting to whom they believe to be God, Allah, and who they believe to be Allah’s prophet, the infallible Muhammad. ISIS follows the prophet and instructions found in the Muslim holy book, the Quran, which commands torturous murder of Jews, Christians and the Muslim infidel.

Men of ISIS film themselves decapitating and setting afire innocent men. They crucify children and babies, rape and beat women, and dismember people in public. They train children to have a jihadist mentality by forcing them to watch these horrifying acts perpetuated by ISIS, and soon young ones are smiling and applauding as a Jordanian pilot is being set ablaze to his death. A victim of his own blindness is the man who sees this as anything other than spiritual warfare at its best.

The issue is one around which people skirt due to society’s politically-correct, tolerant posturing and earth-bound vision, but these traits are exactly what brought us here. The subtle, gradual extirpation of Jesus Christ from schools, society, government, and nation has unrolled the welcome mat for terrorists of the highest caliber, including ISIS. To think that even the greatest militia on earth could eradicate evil from any part of the world, including that of ISIS, is simply the most dangerous kind of naïvete. One cannot fight spiritual battles with earthly weapons.

Yes, the government should be doing everything possible to protect its people, and being the world’s greatest superpower, has a moral duty to help protect others as well, but only Jesus Christ can eradicate the evil of the human heart. Once again, the glorious irony emerges: the one being persecuted is the persecutors’ only hope.

Those not yet born again in Christ are left in perhaps the same place they started – with a heavy heart full of sorrow, fear, anger, hatred, and vengeance. The Christian is left in a different place. Although they may still struggle with heaviness of heart, they are praying for the men of ISIS. They are praying because their savior calls them to pray for their persecutors, to love their enemies, and to forgive as they are forgiven, for they know that no man enters heaven without a Christ-rescued heart.

Hard as it may be to hear, every heart carries evil, every man carries sin, and God grades on a cross, not a curve. Without Christ, everyone, even Mother Teresa, shares a flaming pit where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth eternally. Men of the cross may unjustly and horrifically perish by the flames of ISIS, but moments later they enter into the arms of the Holy One; unscathed, in new glorious bodies, and joyous for all eternity. Men of Muhammad and Allah, members of ISIS, and all men without Jesus Christ, will one day enter into the arms of Satan in new bodies suited to endure burning torture for all eternity.

Opinion by Nancy Duhalde


Image by midimanFlickr License