Texas Judge Issues First Gay Marriage License, Ignoring Ban

Texas Judge Issues First Gay Marriage License, Ignoring Ban


In the fight for gay marriage against the government, gay marriage won today, or did it? The first gay marriage took place Thursday morning in Texas, after a judge issued a marriage license, ignoring the ban on gay marriage in the state of Texas. Two women were allowed to get married under extraordinary circumstances, but with the government officials in Texas vowing to get the marriage voided, their legal matrimony might not last long.

Many reporters, some family, and their two teenage daughters were in attendance for the marriage of Suzanne Bryant and Sarah Goodfriend. It was the first gay marriage in the state of Texas and the politicians were outraged. The marriage only happened as a result of a Texas judge overruling the ban on gay marriage and allowing Bryant and Goodfriend to be joined together legally. District Judge David Wahlberg ruled that the state could issue a license to the couple, due to the extreme medical circumstance that Goodfriend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The couple quickly rushed to the Travis county clerk’s office to declare their love for one another, before the government could step in and enforce their no gay marriage rule. Rabbi Kerry Baker performed the ceremony while they were all standing in front of the Travis County clerk’s office sign.

The government soon became furious, issuing a statement against anyone else performing a gay marriage in Texas, and warning judges who wanted to make the same ruling that Wahlberg did. Dana DeBeauvoir, Travis County clerk, stood behind the fact that the marriage license she issued was valid, as she was ruled to do so by a state judge. However, according to government officials the marriage is not valid, as it was done against the Texas Constitution. Texas officials issued an emergency appeal, in order to get the marriage voided.

Chuck Herring, the Austin couple’s lawyer, said that if the government voided the marriage it would not mean much to them. He said the important thing was that the two were married. Goodfriend and Bryant agree, stating that Thursday was a good day for them and a good day for justice and equality. Though it seemed like it would be many other couples heard of the news and rushed to the justice of the peace to try and see if they could get a license for their gay marriage. No such luck was granted to the other couples, as the Travis county clerk’s office made it clear that the only reason the marriage license was issued was because a state judge ruled for it.

Goodfriend and Bryant told reporters that their wedding was a bittersweet one, that served as a reminder of the couples, everywhere, who were unable to get married. Gay marriage made a small victory today in Texas as a judge issued the first gay marriage license, ignoring the ban on same-sex marriage. However, it was not long after that the government put a stop to it. As politicians continue to fight against the marriage and point to the Texas Constitution, Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant can celebrate their love with the legal marriage that was granted to them on Thursday morning.

By Crystal Boulware


The Daily Beast