Ted Cruz: TEA Party Candidate for 2016

Ted Cruz: TEA Party Candidate for 2016


Every Sunday morning from now until November, 2016, we can look forward to Republicans with White House ambitions seeking the limelight on the television news shows; they are offering free campaign speeches. Ted Cruz was on ABC’s ‘This Week.’ He gave little doubt that he wants to be the TEA Party standard bearer in 2016.

Moderator George Stephanopoulos asked the Senator about the GOP primaries, and the possibility of Jeb Bush entering the mix. His answers were positive, calling Bush a good man and a good governor, but questioned his stance on Common Core educational principles, and immigration.

He said that what Republican primary voters will truly be looking for is a leader, one who will return the nation to the economic policies of Ronald Reagan, (which failed), and restore Constitutional liberties.

Cruz is opposed to any type of immigration reform, the elimination of social reforms currently in place, and no funding for future programs.

I state that he wants to be the TEA Party standard bearer, because he is far too extreme to be included with mainstream Republicans. So, does he have a chance to win the GOP nomination? The truth is that it is still too early to tell, and polls currently conducted are not far reaching enough to reveal a true picture. But here are a couple of interesting results.

The Federalist Today Presidential Straw Poll of just under 1,000 participants revealed that Cruz led with 26 percent of the vote, followed by Rand Paul with 22 percent, and Scott Walker with 16 percent coming in third. There were 16 names on the ballot.

The Federalist is an extreme right wing publication, which continuously belittles Democrats and ‘Establishment’ Republicans. It should not be a surprise that the top three were all members of the TEA Party.

A poll in New Hampshire was far different. Jeb Bush led with 17 percent; Scott Walker received 12 percent. In eighth place was Ted Cruz with just four percent.

A survey taken by Public Policy Polling, before Mitt Romney removed himself from contention, had Romney leading with 21 percent; Jeb Bush received 17 percent; Cruz was sixth with nine percent.

Where does Cruz stand on the issues?

On the issue of abortion he is against any form of funding for women, and would ‘protect human life with a partial-birth ban.

His policies regarding the budget and our economy are vague. He does want an amendment to force a balanced budget. He says the choice for our economic future is more federal spending or ‘free markets and liberty,’ (whatever that means).

His position on civil rights is predictable; he represents Texas. He believes gay pride parades should be banished, and of course is opposed to gay marriage. (I thought he believed in liberty)? He voted against the reauthorization of the ‘Violence Against Women Act.’

His views on crime are the views of Texas, not the United States. He wants protection for Texas’ death penalty standards and is a strong supporter of executions. He believes in stronger laws for sexual offenders, singling them out from other horrific criminals.

Cruz is against any federal assistance for education.

His support of the petroleum industry was also expected. Cruz is a proponent of ‘drill baby drill;’ wherever and whenever they want to drill they should be allowed to including on federal land, (parks and reservations). He denies that climate change is caused by man and his use of fossil fuels. He voted no on a bill which was designed to protect our ecosystems.

Foreign policy places him in support of the Ukraine, but against restoring relations with Cuba, (although our policies for 54 years have failed to produce any results). Cruz is of Cuban descent.

On other issues; Cruz is in favor of voter ID laws; he is against any form of gun control; Obama care must be repealed; Cruz oppose any form of ‘amnesty’ for illegal residents, but he does favor increasing the border patrol and building more fences; he is against raising the federal minimum wage standard and the extension of unemployment benefits which just makes people lazy; he supports a Christian-based country; Cruz wants to raise the retirement age; he wants to eliminate all capital gains taxes; and finally the Senator would eliminate all welfare programs but authorize funds for a war against ISIS.

That’s your presidential hopeful; a man who wants to destroy all benefits for our nation’s people which were accomplished over the last 50 years.

By James Turnage


Washington Times



On The Issues.org

Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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  1. Just when we thought Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann and the kooks were finally gone….the 5 major corporate news organizations bring in Cruz, Paul, and Bush!

    The Koch’s own the 5 major news networks and they’ll keep trying to brain wash us!

    Flashing Cruz now, won’t chum us into biting the Bush (Wacker) later!

  2. This article was very biased, i would agree he is a bit extreme and some people wish to see that, but by calling him an idiot…I think not. I like Cruz and his policies, I watch my state go further into debt each day with the people we electe to represent us, yet Texas prospers, why? They must be doing somthing right. Also id like to address this line “dosnt want to restore relations with cuba(even though our policies for 54 year have failed to produce results”-fact is, they wernt suposed to produce results, reffer back to your fith grade history books children, our policies were ment to be punishment, you know, for almost creating a nuclear fallout between the USSR and the US. Dumb ass’s.

    • I totally agree this article is very biased and James Turnage is the idiot here. He should be reporting facts and leaving out his personal opinions. It’s up to the reader to determine who is a good viable presidential candidate, not the writer. Then again this comes from Politico, MSNBC liberal media. He wants America to prosper and get all the lazy leaches off the couch who are collecting Welfare Programs while doing absolutely nothing. That is how Texas prospers and has a strong economy. So for this author to say he wants to eliminate all Welfare Programs is untrue, but rather he wants all these illegals deported and lazy asses back to work so they don’t drain this country into oblivion and stop being a burden on society. I think he would be an excellent President. Oh and by the way he is an American Citizen and has renounced his Canadian Citizenship, so do your homework before you submit your stupid uniformed opinions.