Taylor Swift Might End Feud With Katy Perry

Taylor Swift Might End Feud With Katy Perry


The politics of entertainment can be harsh. Much like debates, this person says something bad about another and then that person lashes back. The feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has been much like that for a while now, though sources now say that Swift and Perry might end their bitter feud, as Swift is supposedly working to make amends with Perry. As Katy Perry is a strong female, she might not take the bait. Ever since the feud started, however, many fans have been hoping for a reunion.

The feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry apparently started with a range of events. Everything, from bad mouthing Tweets to public Super Bowl dissing, has occurred between Swift and Perry. Recent headlines have shown that Perry has no interest in mending things with Swift. However, Taylor is on a roll now, working to end feuds with any stars that she has had a hard time with, in the past. For example, her most recent move brought together her and Kanye West, ending a feud that fans were somewhat confused about. She was seen having dinner with him in New York City at The Spotted Pig. Later the two were posing for photos at the Grammy’s. They also supposedly told the press that they were wanting to do a duet together, in the future.

It has also been reported that Taylor Swift is working to resolve any conflict with Diplo, a move which is considered to ultimately be in her agenda to mend things with Perry. Though as one relationship seems to get mended, others simultaneously take a knife.

Recently at the 40th Anniversary for Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift sang with Paul McCartney, something that Miley Cyrus wanted to do. According to sources, this upset Cyrus who began bashing Taylor at the after party, something that apparently upset Swift greatly. Now the two are in a feud of their own, which will probably not be resolved until Miley works to make amends. Of course, Taylor could just let it go, but her focus right now is ending the feud with Katy Perry.

According to news releases, Taylor Swift is making big moves to bury the hatchet with Perry. As her moves have worked in making amends with other celebrities, it might not work with Katy Perry as she has told Hollywood Life that she does not want to end the feud, just yet.

Katy Perry has decided that there is no longer an opportunity for her and Swift to be friends. She told a reporter that Taylor should not even be trying to create a friendship with her, as she does not want one. Though Swift and Diplo have now apparently made up, Katy just does not believe that she and Taylor could truly be friends. She did, however, admit that they could tone down their feud. The two have been feuding very publicly in the past. Now it seems that they are just working to avoid each other at events. One such event was at the Grammy’s, where a source told Hollywood Life that it was a “nightmare” trying to coordinate the event so that the two never crossed paths.

Taylor Swift might not be able to end the feud with Katy Perry, completely, as Perry is unwilling to do so, but if friendship is out of the question for Perry, perhaps she and Swift could at least make amends enough to where they could be in the same room together without fighting. Only time will tell whether Swift and Perry will end their battle or continue to be public enemies.

By Crystal Boulware


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