Republicans Must Grow Up

Republicans Must Grow Up


Republicans, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing. They have yet to produce one piece of legislation which benefits all of the American people. There is a reason for that; they spend all of their time attempting to undo the good President Obama has accomplished. For six years the members of the GOP have done nothing, just as they promised. Republicans must grow up and act like the adults we thought we elected to represent us.

This is the classic; the House will vote today to repeal or at least cut back the Affordable Care Act. This will make the 56th time they have done the same thing. What a waste of time and taxpayer money. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over without a change in the results?

The only difference about the 56th time is that after the House passes the resolution, it will go to the Republican controlled Senate. None of this will matter. It is unlikely that Republicans can muster the 60 votes needed in the Senate; and if they get the votes, President Obama has promised to veto the bill.

What has the Republican Party accomplished in the first month of the 114th Congress? They spent a lot of time passing legislation to construct the Keystone XL pipeline. Once again the President promised to veto this unnecessary and environmentally dangerous project; and he has all the power because it must be built across international borders. While Congress was devoting all of its energy to the pipeline’s passage there were five more pipeline breaks during the month of January; they ignored that fact. Republicans want to build a larger, more dangerous pipeline. I guess their theory is ‘go big or go home.’

What are Republicans doing about immigration reform? Again, nothing. Instead they are once again attempting to reverse positive action by the President. Attached to a bill funding Homeland security are two measures intended to defund immigration reform. In 2012 the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was passed. This bill allows some children of un-documented Americans to acquire work permits and be immune from deportation. The second attachment would reverse last November’s executive action by the President when he created a path towards legal residence for nearly five million men and women.

Republicans live in the past, and want to take the rest of us with them. Let us remind them; Ozzie and Harriet were television characters; the show wasn’t about real life, and the GOP is not either.

Rhetoric about a ‘tax increase for the wealthiest Americans’ distorts reality. It is highly doubtful that the tax rate for the one-percent will rise. What needs to happen is the elimination of most of the tax breaks for our wealthiest citizens. They have numerous deductions at present which allow them to reduce their rate to a lower level than the middle class. The tax rate for individuals and families is one matter; the petroleum industry, and corporate farms continue to receive subsidies in the form of tax breaks. Corporations must be forced to pay their fair share as well.

The President’s plan would force all Americans to play on the same, level field. If a man such as Warren Buffett believes his taxes should be raised, how can working class Americans possibly believe that Boehner, McConnell and the gang know more?

Commentary by James Turnage


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  1. Let’s review just the last few hours. Could these Neanderthal Republican’s get any dumber? It seems impossible but just today Super Neanderthal NC Repub Senator Thom Tillis said he had NO objections to NOT requiring restaurant employees to wash their hands when returning from going to the bath room. Here’s to a curly hair in your soup Thom. Hopefully Thom will be too afraid to go to Washington because if he drives over the horizon he would fall off the edge of the earth.

  2. The Democrats proposal to raise tax rates and use the money to fund government spending will hurt the poor and middle class. How? First he isn’t telling the truth as higher tax rates will actually decrease government revenue (Laffer Curve). Also Obama is on record as saying he won’t lower tax rates even to increase government revenue as it is an issue of ‘Fairness’.

    Obama and the liberal democrats real purpose is to try to use the tax code to achieve income equality by preventing the well off from prospering from their work. If higher tax rates really delivered higher government revenue Obama would be screaming about it.

    The other problem is that his spending would then increase government deficit which would be paid for by printing money. This debases the dollar which hurts the spending power of the middle class. Middle class real income has actually dropped while Obama has been president. It will drive up asset prices and help the wealthy who can borrow money at really cheap interest rates to buy asset that go up in price, with the low cost debt providing increased leverage (more profits). This does expand the income gap between rich and poor with helps Obama claim we have to do something about income inequality.

    The Democrats will be split when the tax code changes are debated in Congress where half will demand higher rates, even with less revenue, to achieve ‘income equality’ through the tax code. The others will support lower tax rates to increase revenue. The big difference is they can’t hide behind the OMB which previously had to evaluate tax policy on a static basis. (ie. a 100% tax rate produces exactly twice the revenue as a 50% rate). Now they will use dynamic scoring so a 100% tax rate produces zero revenue.