Republicans are Hypocrites: Democrats are Cowards

Republicans are Hypocrites: Democrats are Cowards


The foundation of the Republican Party was based in individual freedom. A long time ago when the GOP was a reality, its philosophy was ‘less government.’ Those who call themselves Republicans today are hypocrites; they have no ideas and no resemblance to their predecessors. Democrats talk a lot about the ‘rights of the working class,’ but lack the courage to fight for those rights.

I admit that the older I get the more I lean towards the Libertarian point of view. As our Constitutional rights become endangered, I fear that the Oligarchy which is the government of the United States, is rapidly growing, and the American people are ignoring that fact.

When I speak of becoming a libertarian, I’m not referring to the pseudo-libertarianism of someone like Rand Paul. I am not a politician seeking your vote. I am one man who wants my freedom protected from the authoritarian rule of Washington.

Here’s the real problem; our founding fathers constructed a government labeled a ‘Democratic Republic.’ By definition our nation was both a democracy and a republic; ultimate power was the sole proprietary of the people, and executed by elected officials. This no longer exists. Although politicians make promises to represent the majority of the voting public, after they are elected, their true purpose is revealed. They would literally say anything to get to Washington where they could do nothing and become members of the wealthy class.

John Adams: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

I remain an Independent, but I lean towards the Libertarian Party. I do not believe that government has the right to tell any human being what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. I reject the idea that Congress can even consider the restriction of marriage as an institution allowable only between one man and one woman. I believe that Capitalism as an economic system has failed; the income disparity is unforgivable.

A Libertarian is not an anarchist. Government is a necessary evil; but it should be limited. Government must have regulated authority, granted by the American people. Government must pass legislation based on public opinion, without the influence of lobbyists who represent the few.

The core principal of Libertarians is personal freedom. Before our government became an Oligarchy, the Constitution was the law of the land. This cherished document insured personal freedom. Our government has amassed power through both the elimination and circumvention of the Constitution.

Our founding fathers believed the most important right of citizens was the right to vote. The Supreme Court amended that right when it upheld Citizens United. The decision gave corporations ‘personhood’ status. This allows them to spend unlimited money to support their preferred candidates in their election campaigns. In other words, they can buy our legislators.

The fourth amendment has been removed from the bill of rights. An individual’s right to reasonable search and seizure no longer exists. The Patriot Act repealed the amendment. The lives of average citizens are no longer private; the NSA gathers personal information on everyone. Police are allowed to seize personal property by bending provisions in the Patriot Act.

Our government is only beginning its quest to eliminate the civil rights of all Americans. Whether we are ruled by Democrats or Republicans has no consequence for the American people. Republicans want to remove our rights, and Democrats refuse to defend them; they might lose an election.

If you support either major party, I feel pity for you. You are a sheep; and eventually you too will be led to slaughter.

Commentary by James Turnage


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