Political Parties Will Follow Their Leaders

Political Parties Will Follow Their Leaders


Republicans disagree with anything the Democrats propose; Democrats stand by their views and denounce Republicans. Real Republicans battle with TEA Party members; and John Boehner and Mitch McConnell lead no one. If the predictable battle for the White House in 2016 is between the most probable candidates at the present time, will any of this matter after November 8, 2016? It is likely that the two parties will rally around their party’s leaders; their presidential nominees.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush are amassing a group of politically savvy campaign organizers. Their teams include some of the most influential names in politics. They are both aligning donors and have or are encouraging the creation of Super PACS for their election bids.

Ms. Clinton has added another powerful woman to her campaign efforts. Jennifer Palmieri is the White House Communications Director. She has announced her intention to resign and join the expected campaign of the former Senator and Secretary of State in a similar capacity.

Today Jeb Bush spoke of closing the income gap, education, and eliminating poverty; he formerly suggested that he was in favor of sensible immigration reform. He is also accumulating experts in the field of campaigns and strategy.

While these two well-known and likely adversaries in 2016 are acting intelligently, other wannabe presidential candidates continue to act like fools.

Clinton has no rivals for her party’s nomination at present. Bush is in an entirely opposite situation; although his rivals have questionable support based on their extremist policies.

The only question about the Republican Party’s candidates is the number. Will there be 10, or maybe even 20 possible names on the primary ballot.

I don’t believe Jeb Bush has a lot to worry about. Just look at some of his possible opponents.

Let’s begin with Mike Huckabee. Without considering his past failures, let’s look at his beliefs. He is so far into the religious right’s pockets, that he makes the Pope look like an athiest. He lives in the 1950’s and denounces anything which wears the label 21st century. Huckabee is so out of touch with the American people that a recent trip to New York made him feel as though he was in a foreign nation.

Chris Christy vacillates so frequently no one is sure where he stands on any issue. He wanted to quarantine victims of Ebola, but didn’t believe in measles vaccinations; except now he does. He claims he values the opinions of others, but when he is heckled while giving a speech, he screams at his detractor, and resorts to calling him names.

Ted Cruz wants to shut down the government until he and the Koch brothers have their way. He continuously threatens to ‘take his ball and go home’ if his fellow playmates don’t agree with him. He can’t even make up his mind if he is Hispanic or another old white man.

Marco Rubio places his personal agenda before the good of both the American and Cuban people. Because his parents were Cuban refugees, he denounces the attempts by President Obama to reestablish relations between the two nations after a failed embargo of more than 50 years. He reminds me of a former president who invaded a country on false precepts to avenge his father.

Rick Perry is no longer a monarch in the state of Texas; he wants to be the first king of the United States. He is such a racist, bigot, and misogynist that not even Ann Coulter supports him.

Lastly, but not least, Rand Paul has achieved recognition for one singular talent. Paul has already attained the award as the most accomplished panderer in his party. If he anticipates the slightest change in voter interest, he immediately adapts his platform to surreptitiously align himself with that group. For example, he stated at one time that he was against portions of the civil rights movement; now he speaks to black audiences whenever he is allotted the opportunity. No one is exactly sure where he stands on the measles situation.

For the sake of the American people, and for a hopeful retention of some of America’s sanity, we must be hopeful that both parties select a nominee who has intelligence and common sense. If they do, their political constituents will follow.

By James Turnage



Wall Street Journal

New York Times

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  1. And of course do not forget that it was the Democrats who first started slavery. When the first Republic was elected President, the southern states pulled out of the union because those pesky Republicans were going to put an end to slavery. It is those same Democrats today that fight as hard as they can in their racist and misogynistic way to divide America. If you are a Democrat, then you truly are a racist, misogynistic and intolerant prick. That, or you’re just plain ignorant.