Obama to Ban Guns Through Bullets

Obama to Ban Guns Through Bullets


Obama is taking the back door to gun control with a new proposition from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). It seems that President Obama is now working to ban guns though bullets, as a notice from the BATFE let sellers know that there could soon be a ban placed on one of their most popular selling bullets. The M855 AR-15 rounds are in danger of extinction, at least for regular buyers of the product. According to new information released, the BATFE is planning on re-categorizing the bullet as “armor piercing,” meaning it will no longer be able to be marketed or sold.

Normally the BATFE’s guidelines on ammunition classify bullets that are generally used in handguns. If a bullet is considered to be “armor piercing” it is a threat to police. Once a bullet is labeled as such, it is no longer allowed to be available to the public. But the new initiative put forth by the BATFE will be one that affects rifle ammunition, which is the reason why politicians believe that this move is one by Obama to enforce gun control.

People are protesting because of the nature of the matter. President Obama has been trying to ban guns but has been unsuccessful in his attempt. According to comments, it is no surprise to many that Obama would work a different angle. The idea that Obama could possibly find a way to ban guns, through their ammunition, has caused major protest among many in the United States.

First, owners of sporting goods stores are furious, as they believe that banning the ammunition for the number one selling rifle will damage their stores income. As well, they are urging people to sign a petition against the ban, as they state this move by Obama will greatly effect hunting. According to top store owners, the type of ammunition in question is also used in other rifles and guns, causing hunters to have to seek alternative hunting rifles, other than the ones that many of them own.

Second, members of the House of Representatives are also furious. A Rep. from Virginia, Bob Goodlatte is working to gain signatures from members of the House, against the ban. He states that the BATFE has not provided any evidence that the ammunition is “armor piercing” or that it is a threat to cops. Many politicians agree with Goodlatte’s fight against the ban, as they too believe that it is just a move by Obama to enforce gun control.

President Obama did promise to work hard in the fight for gun control and it seems that he may do just that. Obama has said, according to sources, that if the BATFE does not enforce the ban, he may use executive action. Whether sporting goods owners or House members get signatures, it may not matter.

The BATFE has announced that they will be taking comments until the 16th of March. Protesters can only comment by snail mail as that is the only way the BATFE has provided, making it difficult for the protesters to make an impact. Sources say this could also be another way Obama will get ahead of the fight for gun control. In addition, many believe that if Obama can get a ban on one type of ammunition that he will have no problem getting another ban, in the future. Going through bullets could be the way that President Obama officially gets a handle on gun control.


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