Missy Elliott Tribute by Former Back Up Dancer

Missy Elliott Tribute by Former Back Up Dancer [Viral Video]


Alyson Stoner formerly known as a ‘little firecracker’ in her days dancing back up for Missy Elliott, is all grown up and recently posted a dance tribute to Missy herself. After the rappers appearance at the Superbowl, fans became nostalgic and just wanted more. Twitter lit up with fans reminiscing, and eventually questioning what ever happened to the little spit fire dancer, Alyson. Enter a child dancing star who is all grown up now and doing amazing things on her own.

Seeing the fans express their need for more of the amazing Miss Elliott, Stoner decided to do a tribute piece featuring a faux Missy dancing and singing to “Work It’ with kids dancing in the signature track suits. The video is well made and the transitions in this piece are a testament to the work that Stoner is doing now. With a quick hand smack between the Alyson of old to the grown up version, makes for a touching and smooth transition indeed. Tim Milgram did an outstanding job directing this shoot, and capturing the essence of Missy Elliott of the 2002 hit, to present day dancer Alyson Stoner breaking it down.

‘Work It’ then seamlessly transitions to another hit, ‘Gossip Folks’ and the dancers of today take over the stage, including another former back up dancer for Missy Elliott, Monica Parales. The video ends with Stoner giving a verbal tribute and shout out to her former employer. She could not have endeared herself to her fans any more, and the three million hits on the video below is proof.

Stoner has made a name for herself singing, dancing and acting, with a resume that could read as Hollywood royalty. With roles on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Cheaper by the Dozen, the Step Up series and Camp Rock, would be impressive enough, however, those she danced back up for are equally impressive. Aside from Missy Elliott, Stoner has danced for Eminem and Will Smith to name a few. She has been one busy and talented lady for most of her life, and starting at the tender age of 7 years-old, she began her journey into the world of hip hop. Stoner had the benefit of some of the most prestigious choreographers, such as Hi-Hat and Wade Robson, which helped propel her into the Missy Elliott videos. The videos were just the beginning, as the charismatic kid became an in demand commodity, by such shows as Extra and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It seems there is nothing she can’t do, from singing and dancing to co-hosting a Disney infomercial Super Short Show selling Disney related videos and DVDs.

Born in Toledo Ohio, this multi-talented lady began her journey in a modeling agency in her home town. At an early age she was in a Shark Tale DVD, and was a member of a children’s dance troupe. She even had the honor of interviewing ‘Hannah Montana’ and became friends with Miley Cyrus herself. She has also done her share of charity, such as being an Ambassador for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and now this wonderful and entertaining tribute to the women that started it all Missy Elliott.

Opinions by Kristi Cereska

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