Michael Phelps Engaged to Former Miss California Nicole Johnson

Michael Phelps Engaged to Former Miss California Nicole Johnson


Michael Phelps has become engaged to his girlfriend, former Miss California 2010, Nicole Michele Johnson. He announced that he was engaged to Johnson on Twitter. Phelps has been dating her for the past few years.

Early Sunday morning, Michael Phelps, 29, posted a photo of himself with the former beauty queen. In the photo, which was snapped by his teammate Allison Schmitt, the couple are hugging each other romantically. Schmitt was Phelps’ training partner. She is also a champion swimmer and six-time Olympian.

Michael Phelps captioned the photo with the words “She said yes.” Not long after, Johnson posted a photo of them, in which her large and sparkling engagement ring is prominent. She captioned that photo “I’m going to be a Mrs.” and added Phelps’ name at the end of the caption.

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson posted the news of their engagement on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Johnson is a resident of the upscale community of Westlake Village, which is located to the north west of Los Angeles.

The same year that Nicole Johnson became Miss California, in 2010, she also participated in the Miss USA pageant. She came in ninth place in that pageant. Her beauty queen looks certainly attracted the eye of Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. His new fiancée is the same age as Michael Phelps, less than two weeks younger than the Olympic gold medalist.

Someone else who was excited about the news that Michael Phelps had become engaged to Nicole Johnson was the sister of Phelps, Hilary. She congratulated the “lovebirds” on her Facebook page, and added that she was “thrilled to gain a sister, who I adore and love already!”

News of the engagement comes five months after the 22-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps was suspended from USA Swimming following his second arrest for driving while drunk. He was charged with DUI in Maryland. The six-month suspension that was imposed on Michael Phelps will come to an end on March 6. It is expected that April will mark when Michael Phelps will return to competition in Mesa, Arizona. Michael Phelps will not have the suspension ended in time to compete with the U.S. team at the world championships.

Even during the six-month suspension, Michael Phelps, who has won 18 gold medals, has been training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. He wants to be at the top of his game when he returns to competition this coming April.

Michael Phelps began dating Nicole Johnson in 2007, according to E! Online. Time and Page Six were two of the sources which reported that the couple split up temporarily in 2012, but then got back together.

Michael Phelps took a break in November 2010 from training for the 2012 Olympics to be with his girlfriend in Palm Springs, California, to be there when Nicole Johnson handed over her crown during the 2011 Miss California USA pageant to Alyssa Campanella, who had won the crown. Phelps told E! News that he was there at the beauty pageant because of “Nicole.”

Early on Sunday morning, Michael Phelps announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend, former Miss California, Nicole Johnson. There has been no word yet if the happy couple have set a date for their wedding. Perhaps Michael Phelps wants to wait to get married until after the 2016 Summer Olympics, to cap off what will hopefully see him winning even more gold medals for the USA Swimming Team.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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Photo By EmilyMik – Flickr License