John Legend and 50 Cent Believe Beck Deserved Album of the Year...

John Legend and 50 Cent Believe Beck Deserved Album of the Year Grammy


The battle lines have been drawn between those who think that Beck deserved his Grammy for Album of the Year, like John Legend, Shirley Manson and 50 Cent, and those who, like Kanye West, feel that the Grammy should have gone to Beyoncé. Many in both camps have stated that, whoever Kanye West thought should have won the Grammy, he should not have interrupted the Grammys to try to make his point.

Shirley Manson is a rocker from the band, Garbage. she voiced her opinions in the matter via her Facebook page, in an open letter to Kanye West, stating that he disrespected “artistry.” She added that by his going “so rudely and savagely after such an accomplished and humble artist like BECK,” West makes himself “look small and petty and spoilt,” and makes “a mockery of all musicians and music from every genre, including your own.” Those were some of the printable words she used to slam Kanye West for his behavior at the Grammys.

She was not the only one to voice her criticism of Kanye West’s outburst and behavior at the Grammys. John Legend stated that he has bought several Beck albums over the years, and, while it came as a surprise to even Beck that he won for his album Morning Phase, John Legend said that “Beck won his award fair and square,” and he went on to say that “I think people were surprised that he won but that doesn’t mean he’s not deserving.”

Beck, who took home two other Grammys for Morning Phase, was humble as he accepted the Grammy for Album of the Year. He even stated that he had thought that Beyoncé was going to win the award. He said “Come on, she’s Beyoncé!” Also, Beck did not hold anything against Kanye West, saying of him “I aspire to do what he does.”

Besides John Legend and Shirley Manson coming out against Kanye West’s behavior, 50 Cent, 39, also said in a recent interview that he thought that Beck deserved the Grammy for Album of the Year more than Beyoncé. He said he did not at all agree with Kanye West’s rant, and he dissed Queen Bey, saying among other things that Beck was the sole producer of his album, Morning Phase, but “there’s eleven producers on Beyoncé’s album.” Beck also wrote all of the songs on his album. 50 Cent said that Kanye West should be able to see, “being a producer and a writer,” that Beck deserved to win the Grammy.

50 Cent also said that he felt he had deserved in 2004 to have won the Grammy for Best New Artist. He argued that it was “the largest debut in rap with 13 million records sold.” Instead of him, Evanescence took home that Grammy. However, he has gotten over it, at least to an extent, saying that “It’s just the way it is.”

John Legend, Shirley Manson and 50 Cent are just a few of the musicians who have come out in support of Beck and his having won the Grammy for Album of the Year. Everyone who was nominated for the award had a shot at it and possibly deserved to win, but that does not detract from the hard work that Beck put into his album, Morning Phase. Please comment below! Is John Legend and his camp on the right side of this controversy, or is Kanye West’s viewpoint more valid?

Written By Douglas Cobb

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