John Boehner Once Again Plays the Buffoon

John Boehner Once Again Plays the Buffoon


John, John, John; I’m tired of being angry for John Boehner failing to do his job. His failure to lead and bullheaded attitude have been consistent for so long, my frustration has found its limit. Now I feel nothing but pity for the man from Ohio; placing his and the TEA Party’s agenda ahead of doing the right thing has once again made a buffoon out of the Speaker.

Maybe John Boy doesn’t get it, he can’t have his way all of the time. Our nation was not built by allowing the party in control of Congress to make all of the decisions and create all of the policies which affect its people.

The issue now is about funding for the Department of Homeland Security. Whether or not it is an unnecessary arm of our government or not is debatable. However, it is a government agency and politicians would never choose to eliminate any possible waste of taxpayer’s money. Attached to the budget of the DHS is funding for President Obama’s executive order which creates a path to legal residence for approximately five million undocumented residents. The resolution penned by the House would defund this one section of the bill.

Is John Boy not smart enough to realize that the President and Democrats are not going to allow that to happen?

So what did our hero do about it, besides ranting and raving about blockage by Democrats in the Senate? What else; he went on FOX Noise Friday to tape a show aired on Sunday to complain. The only thing he didn’t do was cry as he often does; spoiled children who don’t get their way do the same thing. He told FOX that if the DHS is shut down, Democrats are to blame. Aren’t they always to blame John Boy? Not once in six years have Republicans admitted that they have failed to accomplish anything which is significant; it’s always someone else.

The only thing Republicans in the House, ‘led’ by John Boy, know how to do is attempt to destroy the accomplishments of the Obama Administration. Some Americans are not blind. These futile efforts cannot be disguised; House Republicans are merely posturing for the 2016 election. Their biggest fear is that the President will be recognized for the good he has accomplished, giving Democrats ammunition for the general election.

And Republicans are worried; they are not accumulating new members as the old ones are dying off. The GOP continues to alienate minorities and women. Efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act alone have become an embarrassment. 56 times the House has wasted the time and money of the American people to attempt a repeal of Obamacare. As I previously said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again knowing what the result will be.

After the 2014 midterm elections last November, the American people were promised by the Republicans that things would change. Because they now had control of both houses of Congress, accomplishments would be made. Where’s the change John Boy?

Commentary by James Turnage


FOX News

Miami Herald


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  1. Meanwhile, Democrats saw major defeats in the last two midterm elections, and so that should tell the author something. Yeah, people maybe aren’t so stupid to be taken in by the Dems message, along with the law they pushed through. If not, why didnt the Dems keep the senate and the house. Americans have spoken.