Jeb Bush not Extreme Enough for Most Republicans

Jeb Bush not Extreme Enough for Most Republicans


During his term as Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007, Jeb Bush was considered a leading conservative. His actions on the issues aligned him with other influential Republicans, and gained him national recognition. Most Americans ignored the fact that he was the younger brother of the worst president in our nation’s history. Unfortunately, the likely 2016 presidential candidate may not receive the support of many of today’s conservatives; his views are too centrist, he lacks the extreme ideals of other hopefuls.

Bush’s conservative positions on issues important to the GOP base eight years ago lack the ‘all or nothing’ attitude of the TEA Party which now controls Republican policy. Although Bush reduced expenditures in Florida’s government, took action against abortion, was vocal about his opposition to affirmative action and gun control, and saved voters millions of dollars in taxes, his views today on common core education and immigration are displeasing to many Republicans.

A human right’s issue has been raised by prospective voters.

On March 31, 2005, Terri Schiavo died. Ms. Schiavo had been diagnosed as a ‘person existing in a permanent vegetative state’ by multiple independent physicians, as a result of severe brain damage which eliminated oxygen flow to her brain. Her parents and the doctor they employed disagreed. Her husband, who had legal guardianship over her, wanted to remove the feeding tube which was keeping his wife alive; the parents and her doctor took legal action in an attempt to stop the action which would end Ms. Schiavo’s life, although the young woman had previously indicated to her husband that she did not want her life prolonged unnecessarily.

President George W. Bush, and Florida’s Governor Jeb Bush became involved in the issue, both supporting Ms. Schiavo’s parents.

The legal battle became an issue of national prominence. It resulted in a heated discussion between those who support civil rights, and devout religious right to life supporters. Eventually the court sided with Mr. Schiavo, and the tube was removed.

Criticism came from supporters of individual rights. They were highly critical of the President and Florida’s Governor for becoming involved in a civil rights case based on their own religious beliefs. Today Mr. Schiavo is campaigning against Jeb Bush’s attempt to gain the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Many Republicans have stated their opinion that Bush may not be conservative enough to receive the support of the party’s base. He will be challenged by another Floridian, Senator Marco Rubio, a member of the TEA Party.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul just finished two days of campaigning in the ‘sunshine state.’ He received energetic applause as he spoke of his libertarian philosophies of individual rights, and the cessation of our nation’s interventionist policies in foreign lands.

Although recent polls show that Bush is the leading Republican at present, areas of the nation are demonstrating support for more radical ideas. In areas where GOP candidates have been able to instigate vehement opposition to the President, Bush’s popularity is in question. Some voters who were surveyed are diametrically opposed to ‘establishment’ candidates such as the former governor.

By James Turnage



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  1. Clearly James Turnage is a far left Democrat. He stated that George Bush was the worst president in our nations history as if it were fact. We’ve had many bad presidents. IMHO our current president is the worst; he is certainly further to the left than any other president and no other president has been so unwilling to compromise. Obama has also more than doubled the national debt leaving future generations at risk. In my opinion George Bush was one of our best presidents.
    Journalists should not state their opinions as fact.

    • History will judge current President. History has already started to judge previous President and results are not pretty. What you and I think is one very small slice of opinion, so while they are important they do not determine outcome.

    • “In my opinion George Bush was one of our best presidents.” Dragon, please explain why? Was it his shrewdness at dealing with complex chess games with the likes of Putin, Merkel, Netanyahu, Sadam, or great decisive actions falling right into Abu Baker et al, to help some US corporations make loads of money? I actually think Jeb may be not bad, but please don’t compare his brother to these guys or Obama, who, in my humble opinion, has been doing things a bit more carefully and we’ll thought out than most US presidents have done in the past. Obama did not get the world in this situation, his predecessors did. Who can fix it, I don’t know… definitely not Bozo McCain, and thank god he lost, or the world would be in a much more dire situation moving forward than it is now. That said Obama is not perfect either, but at least thinks things through smartly.

  2. This article is comedy! Nicko…. EIther pick a true Conservative Republican or say goodbye to America. Is that clear enough for YOU????

    • I understand that you want to vote for a conservative republican and that’s great. Here’s the problem. A conservative Republican simply can’t win. It doesn’t matter how fervently you wish one could. Perhaps you should set your culturally and politically marginalized views aside for a second and realize that it may be better to have a center left R, than a center left D.

  3. If we don’t vote for Bush, who at least is known to many citizens and has a chance, we will wind up with Clinton. I also don’t appreciate this writers opinion about who was the worst President we have had. The damage Obama has done to our reputation as a country and to our citizens has already put him on the short list- and he’s not over yet! BTW, Jimmy Carter was the worst President in recent history but Obama will probably surpass him.

  4. Your article indicates Mr Bush is considered conservative. He is no where close to a conservative. He is married to a Mexican and if you think Obama “leans toward an open border”, be careful because Mr Bush says the border should be completely open to anyone to come into our country with no limitations.

  5. The author brings his biases openly in this article. That makes it an op eds piece based on his point of view, not a balanced article written by a professional journalist.

  6. We certainly do not need any more extreme. We need a President who can appeal to more people than just the extreme religious right. All the great Presidents have been centralist. Having lived under Jeb in Florida I think he would be an excellent choice and a great president. As a conservative, I cannot indorse his brother, as the Iraq war was a great, costly mistake for which we will pay for centuries to come.

    • Yep. The economic price is blamed on other things right now also. But, think you got this right! So, yay, again for someone using his/her brain.

  7. On the national level, Rand Paul is going to annhilate the competition. The country as a whole is sick of the Bush and Clinton monarch and we are ready for a balanced budget, less war, no more fearmongering and the FED to be audited for transparency and to see where/why the Gov has wasted billions of tax payers money.

    • Whilst I agree with your sentiments, your first sentence is simply a wish. There is no empirical data out there to support your contention unfortunately. What irritates me is why Paul remains talking his common sense under the wacky umbrella of the R party